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Are Chilean Women Underrated?

If you’ve been traveling through Latin America conquering the local women, landing in Chile will bring a sense of relief. After all the bullet-holes and broken down buses, you’re back in the first world. A country with a strong economy, reliable public transport and a middle-class. And Chilean women—always a plus. But every silver lining […]

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Dear God, Stop the Blog.

I’m getting so many emails these days about starting a blog that I need to clarify my stance on this. I think everyone should have a website. I think everyone should practice writing. I think small niche sites are a low time and cost investment that can result in a nice little piece of web […]

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Listen to My Appearance on the Mark Baxter Podcast

I recently appeared on Mark Baxter’s podcast. Mark was actually a long-time-ago guest on Troublesome Radio. Way back on episode 18, which I’ve linked at the bottom of this post. I think Mark and I will have to one of these every year before I hit the road again. Which, by the way…is today. Well, the […]

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5 Observations From My First Year As A Nomad

This post originally appeared at Naughty Nomad. It was great of Mark to run this on his site. You can follow him on Twitter here. On February 23rd this year, I walked out of my corporate office job for the final time. What has followed has been a whirlwind adventure—14 cities, 9 countries, many women, […]

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Thailand or…Malaysia?

TROUBLESOME RADIO 065 THAILAND AND MALAYSIA Special Guest: Jack B./Jon [ITUNES] — [SOUNDCLOUD] In episode 65 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome a reader on to the show who goes by the name of Jack B./Jon–he was also on episode 64. This show is proudly presented by TroublesomeSolutions.com This is probably the first time I’ve had a reader […]

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How Much Can You Make by Self Publishing?

King’s Code wrapped up it’s first month in sales recently, and it’s time to share some data on it. I know I’ve been promising some self-publishing information for a while now. After the recent experiences with King’s Code and Understanding Ukraine, I definitely think Amazon’s KDP program is the route to go. It’s very easy and […]

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Cutting Through The Matrix

TROUBLESOME RADIO 066 SHATTERING & CUTTING THROUGH THE MATRIX [ITUNES] — [SOUNDCLOUD] TR066—CUTTING THROUGH THE MATRIX: OUTLINE I have returned to America! Dear God, what have I done? I’d like to think I’ve alleviated some of the anger in my life towards society, and maybe…*gulp* women. Read this article for an example of former anger. Hell, read […]

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Business Model of Booking Sites

A lot of guys want to write about travel. Good reason too, and I can’t blame them. Once you’re on the road, it’s easy to churn out fresh and interesting content. Then though, eventually the question comes up of how to make money from a site like that. Generally speaking, you’ve got a few options. All […]

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