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Should You Visit Brno?

This post originally appeared here. It’s no big secret at this point that capital cities in Eastern Europe are somewhat played out. Between tourists flocking to these “new and exotic places,” stag parties stumbling through the streets, Tinder taking over, and an influx of Western characteristics—these cities are different than what they used to be. The more that these […]

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Getting Whipped in a Colombian Whorehouse

In episode 32 of The Dating Abroad Podcast, I welcomed good friend Jake from Nomadic Hustle to chat Colombia. If you don’t know, that’s the trip that really kicked off the digital nomad/entrepreneur goals. Those stories, plus some cocaine in the club, and a story of being whipped in a whorehouse, all unveiled… You won’t want to miss this […]

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The Tools You NEED to Make Money on The Internet

NOTE: The Nomad & Nerdy Show will be shutting down. All episodes (and future online business-related episodes) will be posted here on Troublesome Radio.] Subscribe: iTunes – RSS – PodBean – Google Play – Stitcher If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a review for the show on iTunes—it takes 30 seconds or less. Episode #105 In Episode #001 of Nomad and […]

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The Alpha Male of Cheese(iness)

I don’t believe in being full on alpha-asshole all the time to girls. In fact, unless that is 100% your personality, I think it’s slightly incongruent. Maybe you struggle with this too, finding the balance between nice guy (who you really are – most guys are generally good people!) and “alpha”. So, just wait ‘til […]

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TR #104: Why Living Abroad Sucks

In episode 104 of the show, I tackle the oft-asked question regarding what’s BAD about living abroad. Truthfully, it’s good most of the time. But sometimes, oh yeah – it’ll make you tear your hair out 😉 Subscribe: iTunes – RSS – PodBean – Google Play – Stitcher If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a review for the show on […]

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Millennials Won’t Ever Own Homes, Here’s Why

This post originally appeared here. In February of 2016, I walked out of my corporate job for the final time to my new life of freedom. I anticipated several years of being a poor digital nomad, scraping by with $1,000-$2,000 a month until my businesses got some traction, or I had to return to the […]

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The Conflict of Interest Between Men and Women

Yin and yang. Men and women. Contrary to what most people in the media would like you to believe, men and women are different. And whether it’s right or wrong, it simply is what it is. The problem is that many in society are unable to accept that. But that’s not the point of this […]

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