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The 2016 Troublesome Recap

I look back at 2016 and man—I did a lot.

So much, in fact, that it’s worth breaking down every part of the journey. Use it as a baseline for next year. The new gold standard for myself, personally.


What I saw: Everything I really had hoped to see this year, and a lot more. Let’s do a quick recap:



What I thought: I had built a revolutionary course (link) that I thought truly had the depth and knowledge to transcend dating for men. I’ve seen a lot of shitty game products out on the market, and this one was truly a step above most of them. From the content itself, to the web design, to the overall user interface experience. It was something that wasn’t out there.

What really happened: My market research sucked. It’s hard to bitch too much about a product that basically funded my year of travel, but it didn’t go quite as big as I’d hoped. I did not take a good assessment of the landscape. I didn’t really find out if people wanted the product. The result has been more time A/B testing and looking at data than I’d care, hoping to find the magic sauce. The great news is that everyone who has bought it has been thrilled.


What I did the 2nd time: I learned my lessons from the Handbook, and instead built something with a very small time investment (link), with the plan to add the content. I figured if the demand wasn’t there, I’d just shut it off and give anyone who bought it lifetime access until the domain expired. I actually predicted this one exactly how it turned out.

What was bad: Nothing much negative to say regarding this one, it’s one that “everyone won”.


The surprising success: It soared the top of the Amazon charts and is chugging along selling copies every day. At the current rate it will cover roughly half my living expenses.

What I learned about procrastination: I waited so long to release it. Rather than just diving in and hoping for the best, I was turned off at the relative lack of success (based on what I’d hoped) from The Harem Handbook. I was scared, I can admit. But I’m glad I manned up and put it out there.

Get your copy of King’s Code, just click here.


The little engine that could: Just keeps chugging along, racking up a few hundred hits a day. It should rank within the top 1 million in the world on Alexa by January 1st. It’s making money and gaining in value.

Comin’ up: I’ve got four other sites up and going now too, and they’re all climbing up the ranks at rapid pace. This page is a good place to start if you want to get going in the right direction.


What was good: I met a great girl who adores me, and I her. I’ll try not to gay it up too much, but it’s definitely a healthy relationship. Much more so than anything else I’ve had in my life. Dating Ukrainian women is vastly different than dating in the West.

She doesn’t mind my work’s edgy nature and even writes for my sites occasionally:

I learned that maybe not all women in the world are all fucked up, which was probably a pretty important step in my overall development as a man. I learned that maybe I’d like to be a father one day, at the right time and with the right girl. Do I miss being a player? Sometimes.

I have my moments. But go back to that business section. It wouldn’t have happened without her being my First Mate of the Troublesome Ship; which seems like a terribly ominous name for a boat…

What was bad: Every year I go deeper into who I am and what I want to be. Every year I grow. Every year my knowledge of the world deepens and I become further enriched in red pill knowledge. And every year I return home at Christmas and I’m not sure what to make of it. Part of me feels like I go home to get shit on by everyone. Forced to bite my tongue and take it.

Being abroad the entire year was the icing on the cake of that. I returned to see fat people motoring around grocery stores. I returned to the usual shit and beliefs of family who don’t agree with me. Being abroad all year ruined me and will probably continue to do so. This will likely continue for the rest of my life. And I don’t know what to do about it.

Somehow I will have to come to terms with this situation. I only wish I knew how.


A new book: I’m at a point in my life I feel like I’m ready to put something more philosophical out there. I need to share my view of the world in an articulate fashion rather than having it on a blog. It won’t be a game book. It won’t be a self improvement guide. It’ll be a comprehensive analysis of the problems I faced in my life and how I overcame each and every one of them.

It will be the final “cap” on what I would kind of consider to be the first chapter of my adult life. I’ll be 26 in July of this year (read this post about when I turned 25), so it’s an appropriate time. I’m totally free of the corporate world, I have a life and foundation in Europe, and I’m very happy.

It’s time to put some closure on this part of my life. I don’t expect it to be a best-seller but I expect everyone can learn something from it.

I want it available in paperback and hardcover—both of which will be a first for me. My goal is to hand my mom and dad a signed hardcopy at this time next year to put on their shelf.

Some “beach” time: I’m heading to Croatia and Montenegro with my girl. It won’t be sunbathing warm, but warmer than the rest of Eastern Europe. We’ll wander the mountains, I’ll work on the book, and she’ll cook. She’ll spend a few weeks with me out there before she heads back to school, then I’ll stick around for a few more.

We’ll have a view somewhere on this bay:

Finally, YOU: I sincerely hope to cross paths with more of you out on the road. While my actually pickup coaching days are mostly behind me (but you can entice me if you ask nicely enough), I’m always down to grab a beer if our paths cross.

I’ve also been able to work with a number of you on your own endeavors via Troublesome Solutions, and have enjoyed it immensely. I hope all of you consider building up your own businesses, websites, and lives. Your successes, feedback, and comments inspire me. It gives me the fuel to create 7 pieces a content a week on Trouble (and another 8 across the other websites).

Without you it’s not possible. Being able to pursue my own dreams is a direct result to you clicking on your bookmark every day and reading my stuff. Every comment, share, like…it all makes a difference.

So thank you. And let’s raise our glasses to causing trouble in 2017.



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