The Ultimate Guide to Dating Brazilian Women

Any mention of Brazil brings up images of bikini tan lines on bubble butts at the beach. Brazilian women have reached near mythical status among single men with an interest in travel and women.

I don’t want to shatter that image but the reality of Brazil is different from the one presented by the media. Images of half naked girls dancing the streets during the Rio Carnival gives the impression of carefree and sexual cultures.

The truth about Brazilian women is a little more complicated and I’ll explain why in this article.

I’ll start with a breakdown of what Brazilian girls are like, then explain what type of game and look you need to be successful followed by how to put that game into practice.

Tudo bem? [Okay]


hot brazilian women


In a supposedly “post-racial” society, there is no typical Brazilian. You’ll see every type of girl for your tastes: African, Asian, White, Amerindian, and everything in-between.

Brazilian women have a well deserved reputation for having amazing bodies and skin tones but the faces can be lacking sometimes. Typically, girls will have big butts and small boobs and compared to Colombian women (who have prettier faces) there is a greater variety of looks in Brazil.

If you are from the US, you’ll be shocked by the amount of effort Brazilian women put into their appearance; they take it to another level. Of course there are a few frumpy, poorly dressed Brazilian women but far fewer than you’ll find the US.


If you are just looking at images of Brazilian girls online, you are only getting half of the story. What makes them sexy is what you can only see in person: their attitude, body language, sensuality, etc. You have to go to Brazil and interact with these girls to fully comprehend. It’s the personality of Brazilian women that is so intoxicating and what sucks men in and makes them return year after year.

While girls in the West who are below a 7 have given up on life and being attractive, every Brazilian girl (even a 5 or a 6) will ooze sexuality. Knowing how to have sex in Brazil is as natural as skiing is to a Scandinavian.

If a Brazilian girls likes you, they will be open about showing it. Public display of affection are very common and mind games are unnecessary with the women of Brazil.


where to go for hot Brazilian girls

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals regarding Brazilian women, you’ll need to know what areas of Brazil you should target for maximum results.

The South of Brazil is generally whiter and wealthier but this comes with a downside which is higher obesity levels. If you like white girls, focus your efforts on the South.

Girls in the North of the country are darker and you will have more exotic value as a white guy but you will need solid Portuguese to communicate.

>> Click here for one of the better programs out there to learn some basic Portuguese.

Brazil is vast but most newbies will visit either Rio or Sao Paolo:

Sao Paolo
Girls often work and study all the time so you will have a hard time organizing meet ups. Plus the city is so huge that travel and logistics are compromised.

Rio De Janeiro
Rio is a much more laid back city than Sao Paolo and there is less of a focus on work. It is also one of the most mixed cities in the world: you’ll find any shade or look that takes your fancy.


sexy Brazilian women

“Game in Brazil” is somewhat of an oxymoron because of the direct and sexually liberal culture. You’ll learn a lot watching Brazilian naturals; those guys are aggressive so you won’t win any points for pussy footing around with the local women.

I once had a “game off” with a Brazilian guy in Bogota over a Colombian girl. I gamed the girl for a while, then left to work the room and talk to more girls. The Brazilian guy stuck to her like glue all night.

I got more numbers, he got the one girl he wanted.

As I’ve mentioned in other articles on how to game Latinas: cocky-style game backfires in Latin America and especially in Brazil. In the US, when a girl asks you a question, you’ll make her jump through some hoops to get the answer. For example:

Basic Bitch: How old are you?

El Conquistador: Too old to answer that question/Why? Are you looking for a sugar daddy? 

Basic Bitch: What do you do?

El Conquistador: Circus Clown

Cut that out in Brazil and don’t overgame. Give Latina women a straight answer otherwise you will come across as a dick.

One more thing: don’t make the mistake of going to Brazil expecting being white or being a gringo to be enough. Be prepared to dress well, dance well, approach a lot, and most importantly…


learn Portuguese and get hot Brazilian girls

Knowing Portuguese is a huge advantage in Brazil because it shows that you are interested in her culture and separates you from all the other gringos who come down hunting for girls.

Corollary to the above: if she wants to move away and live in the US or Europe with you, she won’t give two hoots about your Portuguese level.

Now I know that many guys will have neither the time nor the inclination to learn Portuguese, so here are my tips for monolinguals:

  1. Target the English groupies: girls who have studied abroad in the US/Canada/UK and/or work as English teachers. However these girls might not be the best girlfriends.
  2. Stick to Rio and Sao Paolo
  3. At least sign up for a basic account of Rocket Portuguese. Knowing a dozen phrases is better than nothing.


Brazil is an outward-looking culture and welcoming to visitors so the locals will be friendly enough to talk to you during the day (in comparison to people in large western cities) but they will be on their guard because street muggings are a common occurrence.

I recommend opening in Portuguese (even if it’s basic) because opening in English comes across as pompous. Ask her early in the interaction if she speaks English as this directs the conversation towards your objectives:

Você fala inglês?


Brazilian women

Most guys will begin looking for girls online so I suggest paring Tinder with Brazil Cupid or even Latin American Cupid to give yourself the best chance.

(You can get an idea of the quality of girls online by signing up for a free account at Brazil Cupid.)


You’ll need stamina (or copious amounts of Red Bull) because the party starts late and you’ll still be going till 5-6am.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when gaming in Brazilian clubs:

  • Girls who like you will make strong eye contact so you owe it to yourself to go over and talk to her
  • Makeouts are very common in the clubs but same night lays happen less so

If you do manage to pull from a club or a date, you’ll want to know all about…


Brazilian women in bed

Adriana Lima, probably the most famous Brazilian girl of them all.

Having sex with a Brazilian girl is an experience that every red-blooded male should experience at least once.

Firstly, there are rarely any hot-cold head games to deal with and LMR is hardly an issue.

Secondly, Brazilian girls are great dancers and have a natural rhythm in their bodies that makes them great both on the dance floor and in the bed. Brazilian men themselves would enjoy these fruits more but they mess it up by pushing too hard for sex—“be sexual but not horny” is your mantra.

Also, for those of you who are fans of entering by the back door, anal sex is more popular in Brazil than in other Latin country. If you need convincing, Brazilian people are some of the cleanest on the planet and usually shower three times per day.

However, remember that Brazilian women are often unwilling to jump into bed quickly so you might have to do some dating to get her invested.

In that case, here is some advice on:


dating Brazilian women

Do Brazilian girls make good girlfriends? The answer is, as always: “It depends”.


  • Very affectionate and have warm personalities that only come out during the dating phase


  • Can be superficial
  • You will have to get to know her family and make an effort to spend time with them
  • Often have crazy tempers (often means crazy sex)
  • Often crazy jealous (often means crazy sex)


Brazilian women

Don’t believe the hype about Brazil being a pussy paradise where you can pull a group of 8’s and above with no status. This is only true if you are paying for it.

Having said that, it’s still awesome place with amazing women and I’m itching to get back.

This has been a guest post by my pal El Conquistador, the master of Latin America.

PS: If you’re ready to book your plane ticket, make sure you hop on Brazilian Cupid so you can have girls ready to meet when you arrive.

  • Comment says:

    You’re wrong about one thing. Nightlife starts (21h) and ends early (3h)

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      You’re telling me last call in South America is at 3?

      Sounds not true to me…

      • A Brazilian says:

        It’s not true at all. I don’t recall ever in any party I’ve been to in my entire life being over before 5 am…it’s basically the default timing for every state in Brazil regarding party.

  • Comment says:

    There are exceptions, but in most cases, yes. Ask other people who lived in brazil.

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      It’s a guest post, and…well, the guy who wrote this lived in Brazil for quite some time.

      • Valéria says:

        Queridos sou brasileira e posso afirmar que em 50% esse artigo está correto e em 50% é equivocado. Na verdade a ideia da midia que é passada é que somos safadas e transamos com qualquer um que chegar ao Brasil, mas na verdade mulheres safadas há em todo mundo, assim como mulheres corretas também. O Brasil é um belo país com pessoas boas e ruins como em qualquer lugar. Cada cultura tem suas particularidades e isso não faz o brasileiro pior ou melhor, apenas diferente.


      • Kyle Trouble says:


  • Comment says:

    Lets say last call 4 o clock

  • Tom says:

    I am pretty sure ‘el conquistador’ from RVF has never even been to Brazil. I am calling fake news on this article.

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      Yes because I’m sure you know him personally.

      Nice try.

      • Tom says:

        I have met him. Maybe he has experience Brazilian women, but he’s definitely never been to the country.

        For this article, it seems like he just read a couple data sheets from RVF and then created an article that doesn’t go into much detail, and uses a bunch of generalizations: Brazilian girls are sexy, Brazilian guys are aggressive, you should learn Portuguese.

      • Kyle Trouble says:

        Obviously there’s no way to verify you met him without giving away info (feel free to email me), but he lived there for a short while. Just because he never posted a data sheet doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the experience.

        So stop it with your “fact stating” preaching. It’s a blog post, not an encyclopedia. I asked him to write a general, informative post.

      • Kyle Trouble says:

        Also, you went from “pretty sure” to “he’s definitely never been”.

        Proof you’re talking out of your ass, I suspect.

      • Kyle Trouble says:

        Just texted him, his response: “I was in Brazil in 2011, 2 years before I joined RVF so how would he know”

      • El Conquistador says:

        I don’t recall showing all my passport stamps to anyone named “Tom”.

        Regarding the post, the advice is targeted at guys who have never been to Latin America.

        It’s hard to write a post for everybody and Kyle might post more in-depth detail about Brazil in the future.

        If you didn’t learn anything new it means this post is not for you.

      • Tom says:

        Fair enough, I was a little out of line with my comments. It’s a he said she said argument

        I’ll have to take your word for it.

      • Kyle Trouble says:

        Fair enough. Thanks for the humility. I hope you’ll comment in the future.

      • Brazilian says:

        I’m Brazilian, yes, Brazilian women are extremely sexy ( mainly to please the ” machos”). Men ARE aggressive in Brazil. Yes there are exceptions.

      • Kyle Trouble says:


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  • Vanessa Freitas says:

    I am brazilian . you guys have no IDEA how brazilian girls are or anything about Brazil. I am feeling like a piece of meat after read all this bullshits . you should be ashamed of yourself

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  • Thaya says:

    Omg I never read so much lies … I’m brazilian of north and I’m white and I have education and speak english… Really u need travel for years to talk about Brazil … U cant to talk in general Really ridiculous

  • Zubair says:

    Excelkent information sir.

  • Z says:

    One of the great things about Brazil is the great ratios in some places. Imagine a nightclub full of hot chicks (realistically, a Brazilian 6-7 is an 8-9 in the US), something that never happens in the states. Some girls are good for LTRs if that’s what you’re looking for. And women take good care of themselves, so if you’re older, you can date women 10 years younger and you’re basically dating the equivalent of an American 25 year old. There’s something for everyone in Brazil.

  • Ajay says:

    quite a useful information bro , i am traveling to brazil this month and it seems that i am going to have some good time around , it is a business trip though but i can take some time out for fun and do exactly what you suggested and hoping it to work out fine

  • r.gopi says:

    though i agree with much of what i read in the manosphere, i am really skeptical painting all the women of every country with stereotypes. Come on guys give me a break. There are millions of girls of all age groups in each nation with a different upbringing, subculture, social conditioning, imprinting, education and a million major and subtle factors that shape up someone’s psychology. How can you make such sweeping statements like the girls of a country do this and do that. I might agree about the cuisine for instance the girls might be addicted to a staple cuisine for instance, tibetans might love thukpas and momos, but it is wrong to paint them with a single brush and claim something like learn a bit of buddhism and you will pry open a tibetan girls panties…. Little knowledge is very dangerous. Nor are the girls dying to sleep with american men and their money, in fact most of them would prefer a bad local husband then a good foreign husband… Dont get me wrong, i am not a 50-y-0 woman writing in the guise of a man, who is jealous of the american male’s preference for foreign girls etc. I am a male from India. The most ironical is the manosphere’s worship of taiwanese, phllipino , and all oriental girls. My experience with them from a distance and both intimately is that orientals or chinkis as they are called are the most disgusting, subhuman, sick, primitive, messed up, serial liars. Every movement of theirs is a lie and their very existence is one such. They are sweet to western males for they want to get a green card or are looking for casual sex. A friend of mine from a royal family in the orient- china, got married, publicised her marriage like any attention seeking whore, and later i found out that she was whoring for the pleasure of it, and she ended up being HIV positive. she transmogrified from a pretty innocent feminine flower to a terminal TB patient. You can extend this story to most of the chinkis you see. atleast western women are honest enough to spit on your faces. I am not supporting either side. just see the truth and dont straight jacket an entire nation to suit your fantasies.

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  • wajid says:

    Since last two day I chat with Brazilian divorce woman on online. She inspired with me .she love with me.how can I relationship long. I also like that woman so much.what can I do to impress him.

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    • Kyle Trouble says:

      Hey, me too!

      I’m rich, in-shape, confident, and have complete and utter freedom from corporate life.

      What a shame it would be if my daughter found someone like that.

  • Julieta says:


  • Jaq says:

    This post makes brazilian gilrs want to kill this guy. seriously…

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  • Miguel says:

    What makes you think all Brazilians are looking for a “White Guy”? I hate to break it to you, but every girl isn’t looking for Gomer Pyle, stop exaggerating! You guys kill me with that BS, just because you have white skin you think every woman in the world wants you? MF get over yourself lol.

  • Julia Klaus says:

    My two brothers, one is master on Taekwondo and another loves to shoot! They would love to teach a guy like you how to talk about their 4 Brazilian sisters! Just let me know when you want the lessons! I’m from South, white and I’M NOT FAT!

  • >