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The Cost of Going on a Date in Eastern Europe

This post originally appeared at Ukraine Living.

With an extremely strong US dollar in comparison to the Ukrianian hryvnia, the cost of going on a date in Ukraine has never been cheaper. You can easily take a girl on a date to a good venue here, and spend less than $15-20 for two meals, a couple rounds of drinks, and maybe even some shisha (hookah) if you like.

Don’t believe me? I wouldn’t blame you 😉

Cost of Going on a Date in Eastern Europe

I took a Ukrianian girl to this very cafe. It was a small, quiet, and cozy place tucked away in the Arena City area of Kiev, Ukraine. The best way to describe it is that it was like being in somebody’s living room.

Cost of Going on a Date in Ukraine


This little living room restaurant sold house made wine, as well as a variety of very interesting dishes. Keep in mind that if you do choose to go to this place, the menu is only in Ukrianian. So, best to bring along a cute date to help you out.

The cost of the wine was about $1 USD per glass. It was delicious, and made us both a bit goofy. We took to calling it “Happy Juice”.

I also got some barbecued ribs in a blueberry glaze–they were very interesting. The cost of these was about…$4.


4 glasses of wine: $4

Ribs: $4

Her meal: $3

Total cost: $11

Now, really really think about that.

The cost of going on a date in Ukraine at a high end restaurant that goes out of it’s way to give you a family-esque experience, and the total cost of it was barely over $10 USD.

It would probably cost ten times that to have a similar quality of meal and experience akin to what I experienced in Kiev in the United States. Especially if you were in a large, metropolitan capital like Kiev. I don’t even want to think about the cost of something like that in New York, Miami, or Los Angeles.


You can meet cool girls and have amazing experiences like this, too.

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