Here are the five things I took away from my (albeit brief) trip to Bratislava, Slovakia.

#1: Bratislava is very much a European, Former Soviet Union city. This means somewhat depressing architecture, and a bit dreary if it’s not summer.

#2: The food in Bratislava (and Slovakia in general) is likely this: meat, potatoes, meat. Not bad for some of us who are beast moding. But…the beer is good. Slovakia does it right. It’s bad for diets.

#3: Frankly, the public transportation in Bratislava is an absolute joke. They should be ashamed. It’s fine if it’s not connected to Google maps–but at least print legible maps!

#4: The girls are hot.

#5: It’s a small place. Bratislava can be done in two days. Don’t plan too long here, or you may end up bored.

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