How to Have Sex with Dominican Women - This Is Trouble

This guest post on Dominican women is by my friend who has spent significant time there. Cheers and enjoy.

You can’t get that hot Dominican girl you saw in NYC out of your head. Now you probably think those types of girls grow on trees alongside the coconuts in the Caribbean.

Azure-blue water, white sand, tanned beauties with hourglass figures. Sounds like paradise, right?

It can be. I’ve lived in the DR (Dominican Republic) for over 15 months so I can tell you from experience that, as with everything in life, the good comes with the bad.

In this article, I’ll give you the lowdown on Dominican girls and what you can do to enjoy the women down there without losing your mind.


Dominican girls


Dominican women are famous for their curves. If you are from the U.S. you probably think that only black women have dat ass.

In the DR, there are plenty of girls that wouldn’t look out of place at a Hip Hop party in Atlanta. Curiously, most white Dominican women will have abundant thickness as well (in the right places) The mix of genes on the island has produced white girls with onion booties that STOP traffic.

Also, if there is a country in the world where the women have bigger natural tits, I’d like to know about it.

Big curves are celebrated in the DR; women here wear tight clothes to show off their voluptuous bodies rather than hide them.

The only Dominican girls who have zero curves are those who are 100% white. I’m talking elite families who emigrated from Spain centuries ago and have stuck to their own ever since.

As you can probably guess by now, skin color will vary across the economic scale as well as by region. The darker the girl, the poorer she will be. This is especially true in the capital Santo Domingo. However in other parts of the island (such as Santiago and the Cibao region) people will have caucasian features regardless of class.

If you don’t have a sickness for the thickness like I do and you care about girls’ faces, let me tell you that Dominicans girls don’t have pretty faces like most Colombianas do.

If you want to get an idea of what Dominican women look like, check out this site.


girls in the dominican republic

In general, Dominican girls are outgoing, assertive and social.

They can be aggressive and if they like you, you’ll know about it.

But don’t get excited if they call you “amor” “querido” “lindo” “corazon“. People in Latin American countries, especially in the Caribbean, are very affectionate and these words are so overused that they are meaningless.


Gold digging is on a different level in the DR—it’s an art form.

The really pretty Dominican girls never work but they still live great lifestyles – work it out for yourself. It’s not unheard of for a 9 to have 2-3 different guys funding her lifestyle – apartment, gym membership, plastic surgery, trips to resorts, etc.

What is the definition of “girl game”?

Answer: To secure commitment and extract resources out of as many men as possible – in that case, Dominican girls have insane girl game. It’s part of the culture. The women have nothing so they only way they’ve ever gotten anything since they were little girls was by manipulating men.

The line between pro and semi pro is razor thin in the Dominican Republic and many girls vehemently deny that they are prostitutes but will still ask for money.

I tell every guy who contacts me to ask advice about girls in the Dominican Republic:

It’s not a case of if you will get asked for money, it’s how soon and how much.

You can largely avoid money requests by dating upper-class girls. Here’s how you date girls who have their shit together:

  1. Use Tinder as your main online game resource
  2. Live/stay in the upper-class areas
  3. Daygame at the upscale malls
  4. Only go out to the high-end bars

A second tactic I’ve used successfully in the past to limit money requests is to pre-empt and kill the idea off before it develops.

When you start dating a Dominican woman:

  1. Tell her that you want a woman who is independent and can take care of herself
  2. Tell her that you like her because she isn’t like all the other Dominican women who are just looking for a guy to take care of them

If the above advice fails you, do what most guys I know here do—bang the girl a couple of times then kick her to the curb once she starts asking for money to pay for school, a new bag, pills for her sick uncle, and so on.


Flakiness in the Dominican Republic is not at epidemic levels like in Colombia but you will get flaked on a lot. You’ll get flaked on if it’s raining, if she is lazy and doesn’t feel like going out that night, if the meeting location is too far away, etc.

Flake rates drop a little when you get offline and work daygame and nightgame. When it all gets too frustrating and you feel like cracking coconuts over Dominican heads, here are two golden rules I always return to:

  • Have something better to do: go out with your friends, read a great book, make some money, go to an evening class, etc
  • Focus on quantity. If you only have one date lined up and she flakes, you’ll be annoyed. If you have 2 or 3 more that day, you won’t care



Overtly showing off wealth and status is huge in Dominican culture. This is why they are always taking photos of Nike Air Jordan sneakers and the bottle of Chivas Whiskey they are drinking at the club and updating their Whatsapp profile pictures hourly.

You can use this crass superficialness to your advantage by sending Dominican women photos and videos of yourself doing interesting activities: at the gym, at a concert, eating out, wearing nice clothes, at the beach, and so on.

The truth is, having a nice place, car, suit and ordering bottle service at the club makes a huge difference. I wish it didn’t and I wish I could just get by on my charm but I’ve given up on my principles in the quest for more Dominican success. At the clubs, Dominican girls are watching like hawks to see what you are ordering/drinking. I can guarantee you 2-3 times more eye contact in the club if you wear a suit and order a bottle.


If you have an aversion to dating single mothers, the Dominican Republic is not the place for you. The island is crawling with single mothers and they will usually leverage the kid for money pleas.

Again, you can avoid these problems by dating upper class girls who speak English. Many of them will be single career women and childless up until their late twenties.



Here’s a truth: many Dominican girls will have a foreigner send her money on a monthly basis while at the same time banging her neighbour for free, while also lending him a peso or two when he’s broke.

Here’s how different groups of men fare in the DR:

  • Beta guys get played
  • Bad boys will do well
  • Alphas with money will clean up

If there is anywhere you need a strong frame as a man, it’s in the Dominican Republic.

One way you can put this into practice is to call her to confirm a date rather than pussy footing around on Whatsapp. Give her a choice of two days for dates and push for a venue close to your place.

Common Questions/Shit Tests:

  • Why are you in the Dominican Republic?
  • Why don’t you have a car?
  • Why don’t you have kids?
  • Who do you live with?

Have some responses prepared for the above questions so you can turn them around on her.

Finally, many guys think that all they need to do is “Sell The Dream” and Dominican girls will come running. However this type of game can backfire because they expect more and will hold out while you take them on fancy dates.


Here are the hierarchy of attributes that will either sky rocket or kill your results in the DR:

  1. Money (including fashion/style)
  2. Spanish
  3. English levels are only good amongst one group: rich kids who studied at bilingual schools but they can often be arrogant and elitist. You will definitely need more Spanish in the DR than in Peru or Argentina, for example
  4. Bachata/Merengue skills (for night game)
  5. Caucasian features


Dominican Cupid or Latin American Cupid are the staples of online game in the DR (other than Tinder). If you’re not sure which one to choose, follow the tips in this article:

Once you get the number, use Facebook and Instagram to back up your online dating efforts and display a fun lifestyle. Build rapport by showing an interest in her culture: language, Dominican slang, food, music, travel locations, etc.

Quick Tip: My online results improved dramatically when I messaged less and sent more videos and photos.


When stopping Dominican girls in malls, streets and Universities, I use either one of two methods:

  • Indirect: “I’m new in the country and lost.” Transition the conversation and suggest a meet up
  • Direct: Leverage your foreigner looks, get the number quick and get out

Whichever method you choose will either depend on your looks and level of Spanish.



Most clubs in the Dominican Republic are too loud to try to speak a second language – Spanish for you, English for her. This is when you need dance skills – Bachata and Merengue are the big in the DR and both are easier than Salsa.

Discretion is a must when getting a girl’s number (she will be with her family or boyfriend) so get some business cards printed and discreetly slip them or send the barman over.


When arranging a date, many Dominican girls will suggest a location far from your place. Avoid this at all costs because there’s a 50% she will flake and you’ll be left hanging on the other side of the city. I’ve used the following line to knock some sense into the girl:

“I spent 1,000 dollars to come here from the US/Europe, (exaggerate the amount) and I’ve only been here 7 days so I don’t know the city very well. The least you can do is meet me here (a well known location near your place)”

If she refuses again, say that you’ll pay her taxi, that should seal the date. Expect to pay for a girl’s taxi in the Dominican Republic. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish; are you going to miss out on a bang for an $4 taxi fare?


Dating in the Dominican Republic will toughen you up no doubt. You might have arrived a guppy but you’ll leave a shark.

You will have to deal with a lot of bullshit and you’ll wonder why you ever came, then you’ll swivel your head and see the most insane ass-to-waist ratio of your life…

Un abrazo,

El Conquistador

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