• 199Flags says:

    I tried to review your book, but I couldn’t because my Amazon account has no purchases. Maybe, I can do a review of it on my site. Good luck with it! I’m putting the finishing touches on my first book. It’s up to 33k words. The editing is going to suck because it took me a couple years to write it.

    • Thanks, appreciate the effort!

      Might I suggest sending it off to Fiverr? I found a pretty good guy who did 20k words for $80. Might be worth it. Definitely is for me.

      • 199Flags says:

        Thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to look into that and upwork once I finish my own editing. The problem is I left a lot of the story out toward the beginning and I’ve been going back to make it sound better/include all the juicy details.

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