Trump Hysteria - This Is Trouble

Trump Hysteria

The below is an email I sent to my uncle the other day. He was questioning me why I was happy Trump won.

This is the way I look at it–right now the dweebs of society are taking breaks from their Starbucks jobs to protest in front of Trump’s hotels. Meanwhile, the winners are inside drinking scotch. They are all about “social justice” and don’t realize that “income equality” doesn’t work.

All the guys who I meet abroad, who are doing their online business–we all support Trump. Everyone back home on FB supporting Hillary–they are still in college at age 25 or they’re doing nothing with their lives. They’re also the ones posting crying videos of themselves. Or that they’re so “triggered” they’re gonna kill themselves.

Weak. Keep crying while I make all the money. Cool with me.

Even if Trump isn’t free from backers, then they’re backers who are supporting his message. It’s a message I agree with.

An ass? Who cares?

People will whine that he mistreated women. I’m sure the good looking billionaire broke plenty of hearts in his day. I’m also sure that every women he ever banged was more than willing. And women showed up and voted him in.

In my adopted countries there is respect for him at least. People here think Obama is a joke. They think Hillary is as well.

Putin has already given his support, as has the Chinese president. Putin is not loved by others in Europe, but respected. What he has done with Russia is remarkable. They have a weak economy but likely the military to wipe the floor with us. They are not a broken society. Don’t believe what the American media says about them.

America is becoming a land where I can chop off my penis and shape into a labia, and I’m a hero. If I want, I can right now claim I’m a woman and start walking into female restrooms. Women have become masculine, men have become feminine. Neither is happy with this and yet neither knows why. I think the LGBT as a whole should have the same rights. Let them marry. But shit like this needs to stop.

The boy is 8. He doesn’t know his sexuality. And yet she’s seen as a hero for making him think he’s a woman.

Moving on.

People will claim he’s racist. Okay.

Being abroad has shown me diversity is not all that. Istanbul is a dangerous mess. Merkel has destroyed Germany. Paris might as well be Africa lite. Is it politically correct? No, but I’m now in a position that I’m not a slave for a wage I can say whatever I want.

Diversity is not all it’s cracked up to be. Mexicans contribute very little in California other than using our taxes.

Muslims want to destroy our world. Yet Hillary wants to important boatloads of them. Do you want to live in a world where (daughters names, redacted) can’t walk down the street without fearing for safety? A refugee in Vienna was just given a pass for raping a ten year old boy because they couldn’t “prove the boy said no.”

The man’s reason for doing it: He was horny and needed release.

Do I have a problem personally with Mexicans and Muslims? Nope, and I’d love for them to be able to become American citizens provided they go through a process and are contributing to society.

(Though I didn’t include this tweet in the email it perfectly embodies what I mean about money, taxes, etc.)

In many ways Trump embodies a masculine (hot wife, big family) leader who gets shit done. Sometimes being an ass is the best way to get results. I’d know.

Finally, I do think this election was as much about “NOT Hillary” as it was about Trump.

My uncle hasn’t responded to this one for three days and I doubt he will now.

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