Understanding Ukraine

Last week, I released a new book. It’s a Ukraine travel guide–it’s basically all of my posts from UkraineLiving.com (my new niche site) compiled into an eBook format.

Why make free content into a book? So I can teach you how to do the same.

The book is called Understanding Ukraine (published under ‘Bachelor Travels’), and this is the cover:


The goal is to really try to dig deeper into Amazon’s rankings, and how to succeed with a small title. Something that someone could do in their off time and make a little extra coin.

I’m sincerely not even trying to make a cent off this book (from you). Granted, I hope to pump the rankings up (it’s already a best seller!) and then take advantage of Amazon’s platform to see if it can make some coin.


A comprehensive guide to self-publishing is already in the works–and yes, it’ll be posted on this blog and will be 100% free.

The book will be available for a measly 99 cents all through this weekend. I’m really trying to pump the reviews up. After that, I’ll bump the price to somewhere around $4.99 and see how it does with Amazon’s algorithm.


So here’s the thing, you don’t even need to buy the book to leave a review. Which is crazy–but it’s Amazon.

If you leave a review (and I appreciate it greatly if you buy the book so it’s a “verified review”), you’ll have a chance to win an access code to The Harem Handbook.

You don’t even have to buy it. Just write a couple sentences and give it 5 stars. After that, leave a comment below, or email me at thisistroubleblog@gmail.com, and you’ll be eligible.

If you win and left a verified review, you’ll get both a code to The Harem Handbook and a you can pick any other gift from my products.

If you’ve already bought The Harem Handbook (thank you!), you’ll receive a full lifetime access to Tinder & Texting University.


  1. Go leave a review on Understanding Ukraine and buy it for a measly $0.99.
  2. Leave a comment below or email me linking to your review.
  3. Wait and see if you won 🙂

That’s it!

I really appreciate your help and support, as always. None of this would be possible without the support of all of you.

I’ll let you know how the sales go and you’ll get that self-publishing guide soon, too.

What are you waiting for? –> Go leave your review.

  • ten zły says:

    I bought one copy. Although I’m not interested in this Harem Handbook thingy. It is just cheap and I’m actually considering trip to Ukraine. So If it is useful for me and I can help you, then why not. I will leave review shortly.

    Btw. There is one place when you give links to somewhere and those don’t work. I can’t at end of “#1 Eastern Europe is “Wealthier”” point in EE vs Latin America chapter.

  • 199Flags says:

    I think I’ll check this out because I’m considering going back through the Ukraine, since it’s so damn cheap to live there a few months. The girls in Kiev are terrible though. It’s like going back in time to 6th grade or lower running game there.

    • Whaaaaa?

      Why do you think that? Man I think they’re wonderful.

      • 199Flags says:

        Yeah I think it’s love or hate for them. For me, the dates were too cheesy. It reminded me of being a little kid and meeting up with a girl. I know a guy with tight game who left after 3 days and felt the same as me. On the other hand, I’m interested in learning some Russian and hitting up a couple recommended cities there (Russia). Higher price tag though.

      • Ah yeah, totally get that. It’s the same questions OVER AND OVER.

        What cities are those? You’ll definitely need to get the Russian at a good level to do Tier 2/3 cities.

      • 199Flags says:

        The hottest white women I’ve seen in the world live in St. Pete. I’d be willing to go on lame dates to get a chance with some of those girls.

      • From what I’ve heard about STP is that it does require some Russian. As in restaurants don’t have menus, etc.


      • 199Flags says:

        I don’t know if it’s 100% mandatory. The guy I know who was living there only knows very basic Russian. He did mention how much better it’d be if he was at least conversational.

        I think the trouble I’d have there is hot girl overload where once I put the time into making something happen with one girl, it’d be impossible not to desire a different girl. It’d get tiring/impossible without a solid income stream.

      • I’m at the point I could probably say a few funny things. Maybe last two minutes.

        Obviously I have a girl now but I wonder how big of a difference it would be to be able to do the first two minutes in Russian.

      • 199Flags says:

        I think it would make a huge different to be able to open with girls in Russian on the streets.

      • Also–can you follow me on Twitter?

        Want to DM you about possible podcast appearance.

      • 199Flags says:

        Yeah, Ill def find you on Twitter need to start getting back on there more. The podcast appearance interests me. You also got me sold on the Thrive membership, I’ll use your link if I commit.

      • Awesome, glad to hear — on both accounts.

        I offer free consultations with Thrive so make sure you get in touch with me if you go through with it — troublesomesolutions.com

      • 199Flags says:

        Oh nice, how’s their support? That’s one of the things I like most about the membership is unlimited support and access to all the themes/plugins. I sent in a presale ticket yesterday, but still haven’t heard back. It might be because it’s Sunday.

      • I know their technical support is real fast. Usually been less than 3 hours on that forum. No idea about the sales support though–probably because it’s Sunday like you said.

      • 199Flags says:

        Will do man. I’m pretty much 99% sold. The theme you’re using is the best I’ve seen in this niche. The magazine theme I have right now looks decent, but it’s limited in too many ways. I like how Thrive has almost everything needed – themes, plugins, support – with the membership and the price isn’t bad at all for creating multiple sites.

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