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Egg McMuffin Friday (Are People Trying to Addict Us?)

Okay, confession: this week, I had an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s.

I like the McDonald’s coffee. Especially here in Prague and the rest of Europe. So I walked over in the morning for a cup, as I was tired of the stuff I keep in my apartment.

Then I smelled one of those Egg McMuffins. Against my better judgment, I purchased said McMuffin. This was on Tuesday morning.

Now, good God–I can’t stop thinking about them. Every morning when I wake up, it’s McMuffin on the brain. Wednesday morning, sure thing. Thursday I barely resisted.

Today, Friday–I caved.

In light of everything going on in the political world, it’s got me thinking–man, what the hell do they put in those things? Now, instead of continuing to write badass articles about how to break free, I’m thinking about shoveling Egg McMuffins down my throat.

Kinda like how Hilary Clinton is trying and failing at brainwashing people that she’s capable of running the United States. I’m not usually one to wear a tin foil hat. However, you can’t help but think that these establishments like McDonald’s that have grown for years were designed with the idea of enslaving people to one thing or another.


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