The November Goals

I’ve been doing a lot of new things differently.

You’ve probably noticed by now that there is a little bit less topics about sex with random sluts, and a lot more with an emphasis on trying new things. Exploring the world. Diving into new business opportunities.

The reasons for this are multiple, and perhaps I’ll dig deeper into that in the future.

But today I’m here to set my November goals and challenges.

  • I’m posting one video a day on YouTube.
  • My other new niche site (not Ukraine Living) will get 1 post per day.
  • I will (continue) studying Russian 40 mins a day.
  • Every morning is going to start with a walk, provided the weather is not completely miserable.
  • I will try one new coffee shop a day–because I don’t leave my apartment enough.
  • Oh yeah…and I really gotta figure out this whole Italian passport thing.

What are your November goals?

  • Darren says:

    I’ll bite.

    Launch my personal site (I keep teasing this, time to bite the bullet)

    Stop reading stuff on the Internet I find interesting but can’t take action on (Corollary: Only read things that give me immediate, actionable advice that further my goals).

    Finish my home related projects (got some maintenance to do, been lazy)

    Stop spending my non-offce hours on work related things (talking about my primary business here, want to spend those hours on side projects)

    Let’s do this!

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