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Snapchat Seduction by Brock Robinson

My friend Brock Robinson of The City Bachelor put out a new book called Snapchat Seduction.  Anyways—onwards! Snapchat Seduction is an all-encompassing guide to getting laid off of Snapchat. Yeah, apparently that is truly a thing these days. I’m getting old, it seems. And really, what I have to say is this: Brock knocks it out of the […]

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Thailand vs Philippines—Where Should Men Go?

TROUBLESOME RADIO 059 Thailand vs Philippines–With [ITUNES] — [SOUNDCLOUD] — [YOUTUBE] DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE PODCAST TRANSCRIPT BY In episode 59 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome the man behind 199 Flags. We talked about his crazy, hedonistic travels around the world, and give the ultimate breakdown regarding Thailand vs Philippines. While I haven’t been to Asia yet, it’s definitely on the […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Vietnamese Women

I reached out to two of my friends who are currently living in Saigon, Vietnam. I asked them to share their thoughts about Vietnamese women, culture, and more. Here are their answers. Can you share a bit about yourself for my readers? Past travel experiences, your favorite girls, and whatever else comes to mind. BUDDHA: I […]

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As You Grow, Your Game Should Too

There’s a common mantra out there told to the fellas who are just beginning their journey of self-improvement: “Fake it ’til ya make it.” Which is all fine and dandy, but it can be a difficult adjustment when you actually make it. Things change as you develop into a well-rounded and confident man. Today, we’re […]

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When Should You Quit Your Job?

TROUBLESOME RADIO 058 WHEN SHOULD YOU QUIT YOUR JOB? AVAILABLE ON ITUNES TROUBLESOME RADIO IS SPONSORED BY TROUBLESOME SOLUTIONS. In episode 58 of Troublesome Radio, I dive into the WHEN aspect of walking away from your job. – How much money you should have coming in – Or, how much money you should have saved […]

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Save Money & Start Your Business

For those of you who missed my announcement about Troublesome Solutions this week, I’ve got some great news. One of my partners, Bluehost, is having a great black Friday sale. You can get a presence on the web (1 site) for around $2.65 per month. That’s a crazy good deal. And you’ll still get all the goodies […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn’t even know it was Thanksgiving until a few hours ago (it’s 9:43am here in Prague). That’s what happens when you live abroad, I suppose! In any case, thank YOU for making it all possible. A lot of you have found me for the first time this year. I hope I’ve made an impact […]

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3 Things You MUST Know About Bad Branding

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing online business for the last few years, it’s this: BRAND IS IMPORTANT. Bad marketing and bad branding will destroy any chance of your business getting off of the ground. When you’re working on the internet, people have a natural distrust of you. It’s part of the deal when you […]

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How to Bang Women on Latin American Cupid

This Latin American Cupid review is written by my friend El Conquistador. The Spanish Conquistadors who followed Christopher Columbus to the Americas didn’t need much game. Killing the local men and raping the women was all the game you needed in those days. Eliminating the local male competition and taking the females against their will—or […]

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