Let Me Play Devil's Advocate - This Is Trouble

Let Me Play Devil’s Advocate

I posted this on Twitter last night and have been getting a variety of responses. I was genuinely curious after going through my feed and, well–just being amazed at how much is going. Just seems nobody is having much fun these days. Anyways.

And some answers:

Worse girls and inflated prices? No thanks.

Before I continue, here are my general thoughts about the issues that revolve around that tweet.

  • I support Trump. I think he can do positive things. I do not think it will happen overnight.
  • I’m on the fence whether or not he’s going to win.
  • Regardless, I think once the election is over–people will go back to their lives.
  • Hillary will slowly make the country (and the world) a worse place for your average white person–especially males.
  • That last bit will happen far less drastically than people would make it out to believe.
  • And (this is the one that might piss people off), I believe in free speech–but I also think it’s social media company’s right to censor people if they so wish. It’s their company and their own platform. They’re free to do what they want with it.

Last note: I’ve known Jeremy for years personally, and I like Nick a lot.

Personally, I’ve just never had a desire to throw myself head-on into the political machine.  I’m far, far more interested in growing my business to a level that I can live a good life for years to come.

Sure, get the right exposure and you can make a decent coin (for a long time, too)–but the people getting that exposure are few and far between.

But for most, it’s not an evergreen topic.

That means it’s a dead end as soon as the election rolls around. People will just find new things to bitch and complain about in the world.


Mass hysteria = mass movement.

Mass movement = new trends to follow.

I just don’t get a lot of it. A lot of people have 50 followers on Twitter and spend their entire day debating hot points of the election. They’re anonymous. They won’t talk about it to people in person.

Sorry, but 50 followers is absolutely nothing.

Do you really think you, an anonymous person on Twitter, is going to suddenly have a huge influence on the election? In this case, I agree with Rob from 30 Days–“I’m saving the West!” is an identity to grab on to.

A chance to be a part of something.

It’s what a lot of people crave in this world of being alone.

Maybe once you reach the 1k mark, you can start having a bit of influence. But before that? Yeah, you’re small peanuts.

I just wanna live, ya know.

Perhaps people will go back to living it up after this election is over.

I suppose we’ll find out.

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