Fat People Need To Buy 2 Seats On A Plane - This Is Trouble

Fat People Need To Buy 2 Seats On A Plane

Something I really didn’t ever think would happen to me in Eastern Europe happened to me last week.

I had to share my seat on a plane because some lady decided it was acceptable to weigh 300+ pounds and invade my seat.

It’s infuriating, and I’m sure many of you have been in the same position.

Paying full price for a seat. And yet, only able to utilize 60% of it. She was so fat her arms and shoulders were 6 inches into my seat. Her legs as well. She had to ask for a special second seatbelt so she could buckle it.

The armrest on her side (my left) couldn’t be used. I had to put the armrest up on the other side (my right) as well to fit into my seat, too.

Thankfully, it was a two hour flight.

But imagine if that was a transcontinental route.

The worst part?

The 95% empty first class seats, that were one row ahead of me.

I politely asked if I could just sit there, not expecting to be served free booze and whatnot. I was met with a resounding no.

Instead, I was made to just suffer the fat rolls poking me, her sweat dripping on to me, and her farts…well, you know.

Look, I understand some people struggle with weight. I have before, too. But if you’re going to accept yourself as this, you need to be courteous to other people around you.

This means buying two seats on a plane if you’re going to be taking up a third of your seat mate’s space.

And if you’re not going to be courteous to others, don’t be surprised when people treat you like disgusting crap.

I’m potentially working on a longer article that I’ll post on other news sites, but wanted to see what you guys thought of this.

Have you been in this situation before? If so, how’d you handle it?

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