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Travel Niche Site 002: The Amazing Start

In case you’ve missed it, I’ve got a new niche site that’s being built. Catch up by reading the following posts:

Prelude: Doing Things The Right Way

Niche Site 001: Let’s Get Started

So the last time you guys got an update was September 25th. It’s October 7th as of writing this, and I imagine I’ll publish this post sometime this week.

Back on the 25th, the site had started to see some traffic–including a day that topped 100 visitors. I’m not going to lie, I am utilizing things like this site and my email list to get some initial traffic. This should accelerate the growth in Google.

Yes, if you’re building a niche site without a major authority site (such as This Is Trouble), it’s going to be harder. But since I have this site, why wouldn’t I take advantage of it?



As you can see, it’s started to do reasonably well on a consistent basis.

There have been about a dozen organic SEO hits since September 19th/20th.

It’s not a lot, but given that the site’s only been going for about three weeks I’ll take it.

In addition, it made it’s first sale–over $100. It’s more than paid for itself already.



Don’t worry, I’m going to put it all out there next week.

Stay tuned.

PS: The site is developed on Thrive Themes, the best WordPress sites out there.

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