How to Travel the World, Bang a Lot of Girls, & Be Charitable & Healthy


DAMNNNNN guys…episode 50 already. It’s been a fun ride, and thanks as always for tuning in to Troublesome Radio.

For this episode I brought on a good personal friend whom I met in Kiev this year. We’ve had some fun and crazy experiences together here, and he’s got a lot to share.

Topics discussed include…

  • His “early bloomer” status in regards to the Game. He had a lot of natural ability prior to finding the red pill.
  • Why men should avoid marriage…potentially. He shares a story about gangbanging a bride the night before she got married.
  • Leaving girls behind while traveling–is it hard?
  • His favorite countries, cities, and why.
  • Are the rumors of the Philippines true? Can you bang a new girl every day with little-to-no-effort?
  • Finally, he shares a story of how he bought toys for dozens of kids while overseas at Christmas last year.

Thanks for tuning in as always guys. Enjoy this one.

See you at episode 100.



PS: If you want to learn how to manage multiple girls while abroad, check out this trick.

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