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Thrive Themes review

Thrive Themes Review: 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch

Thrive Themes are the new players in the WordPress theme market. They’re also the best in the world. I’ve been using them for a while, so it’s time for a Thrive Themes Review.

Here we go!

Remember when seemingly every website in the world was running the Genesis platform?

With the same boring black, red, orange, or blue colors?

Thrive Themes have an absolutely superior product across the board than Genesis. They have taken beautiful, responsive WordPress themes.

They’ve made those themes easy to design, easy to A/B test, and best of all–they’ve built a powerful suite of tools that they include with all of their themes.

And these are not some gimmicky, throw-in tools.

These are real, powerful A/B testing tools for headlines. Scarcity plugins that actually drive sales and scarcity. Landing pages that actually look like works of art. Lead capture tools that rival even the best tools in the industry.

To top it all off, they’re priced incredibly fairly, making Thrive Themes a no-brain investment for any blogger, web designer, or hobbyist. The investment will pay itself back tenfold.

Without further ado, let’s dig in to this Thrive Themes review.


Thrive Themes review


WordPress is a content management system at it’s core. This means that it manages content (yeah, duh). This should on paper mean that design should be simple. However, how often is that the case?

Too often now, even “easy-to-use” WordPress themes are simply impossible to work with. And I’m a guy who has been designing websites for fifteen years!

It’s not that they’re technically difficult, but it’s difficult to find things. Difficult to insert custom code when you need it. I have wasted too much time searching for silly things in too many WordPress themes. Not the case when it comes to Thrive.


Thrive Themes review

When I think of building a website, I come at it from this angle:

  1. First and foremost, navigating the site is most important.
  2. A website should be visually pleasing.
  3. A website be easy to read.
  4. A website should have subtle but compelling ways to attract eyes (and therefore clicks) to where you want them to be.
  5. Finally, a website should have the ability to make subtle changes without having to tear the thing apart.

Thrive Themes checks all of these requirements. In fact, it passes them with flying colors. All of their designs are clean cut and easy to navigate. There’s plenty of white space to read content. The widgets to generate leads or clicks are beautiful, colorful, and yet–subtle.

And best of all, Thrive has made it easy to change things without having to start from scratch. That’s the worst.


The Thrive Content Builder is simply one of the best WordPress builders on the market. Here’s one of the founders of Thrive walking you through the whole thing. It’s beautiful.

Ever tried to insert Genesis hooks to get things positioned properly? Well, they’re not fun and require far too much trial and error. All just so you can make things look parallel.

The Content Builder (which comes in the suite) allows you to simply drag and drop stuff wherever you’d like.

Thrive Themes review


I hate email lists with a passion. There’s nothing fun or creative about them. But they’re necessary if you want to make money online.

Thrive Themes integrates with nearly all major email list providers (such as AWeber or MailChimp) with ease, as you can see below:

Thrive Themes review Thrive Themes review


Do you know what the term scarcity is as far as internet marketing? Well, if you don’t–it means SALES.

For example, when I launched Tinder and Texting University, nearly half of the sales came in the last 12 hours. This was even though I offered the introductory price all week.

The same thing happened when I launched The Harem Handbook (though not quite as drastic).

Click here to learn how to build your own membership site from the ground up.

Simply put, a sense of urgency helps people make a decision faster. Thrive Ultimatum (again, included with the suite) helps create that sense of urgency.

thrive themes ultimatum


Here’s everything you get in the suite of tools:

  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Content Builder
  • Thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Widgets
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer
  • Thrive Ovation

Did you know that most WordPress plugins easily cost $20 by themselves? Especially the quality ones. I’ve used scarcity plugins before, and they were upwards of $100.

With the Thrive suite, you get all of these tools plus access to the ten (and counting!) beautiful themes they have on offer.

As I said in the introduction, these tools are fantastic. They’re incredible easy to use. They’re going to convert people into subscribers. Thrive is going to help you make sales.

And they all work together seamlessly to make your job easier. This means more time for you. More time to build the next website, or hell, spend some time chilling on the beach.

If people are interested, I’ll expand on this Thrive Themes review and do individual reviews of these plugins. Just leave a comment below or share it!


Thrive Themes review

I love web design. I always have. I love the creativity of getting to explore the design aspect of it. I was a terrible artist when it came to paintbrushes, but on a computer I’ve always shone.

The problem is that many WordPress themes really restrict you on being able to dig deep. It saps you of all creativity.

Not Thrive.

There are so many colors, textures, and layout options available. It’s enough to satisfy any artist.

With Thrive, I’ve been able to take back control creatively. My sites come out how I envision them, instead of another developer. It’s hard to put a price on that.


Have you ever seen a theme demo on a developer’s site?

…and then had no idea how to recreate that look? It’s a common occurrence. Developer shows off a beautiful theme. Someone buys it. That person then has no way to duplicate the demo they saw (which is reasonable).

Thrive takes this situation away.

Not only do they provide you with the ability to generate their demo pages with the click of a button–they give you several templates for each theme.

All that’s left to do after is just drop in your content with the Thrive Content Builder (see #3).


thrive themes review

Thrive Themes come with a built in image optimizer for each one of their themes.

Rather than having to bog down your site with lousy image optimization software, Thrive has integrated it with their themes. This frees up more resources to deliver your site faster and more efficiently to the user.

Remember what I said about time being money?

On top of it, they make it fast to share content, too. The beautiful built in social media packs make it easy for people to share your content quickly and easily.

This improves your ranking, spreads the word of your brand, and creates good will amongst everyone.


Simply put, the guys who are on the support staff at Thrive are top notch. The customer service forum is a great knowledge base where you can find the answers to most of your questions.

And if you can’t, just submit a ticket and they get to it. Fast. Far far faster than most online support staff perform.


Thrive has stepped up the game.

Rather than being a one stop shop for a theme, they are providing you an entire platform. No longer do you need a paid plugin for email capture. Another for headline A/B testing. Or a plugin to optimize images.

Instead, the entire experience with Thrive Themes is absolutely seamless. There is continuity between all of their products.

I fully recommend Thrive over other alternatives out there on the market. It will help you take your business and blog to the next level. In a world where everyone now has a web presence, you need to get ahead every way you can.

And it starts by taking the leap off of the outdated and moving to the new. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Thrive Themes review.

Until next time,


PS: If you’re ready to make the leap and build a kick-ass website, you can get Thrive Themes here.

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