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The New Niche Site Challenge: Doing Things The Right Way

Earlier this year I built a niche website. Catch up by reading these:

Well, I might as well give a bit of an update on Types of Tequila…

In August, the site received 119 new users, 89 of which were found via organic search engine traffic. Not shabby for a site that was a first crack at niche site building, and that hasn’t been updated since January/February of this year.

And yeah, I even made a couple bucks.


Simple. There was no money in it. I mean, there is no money in it. Selling $15 products on Amazon at 6% or so is…90 whopping cents a sale. Sorry, but I’m not getting out of bed for that.

There’s little doubt if I kept writing on the site (got it up to around 30-50 posts), then 500 or so organic hits a month would be possible. Say I convert 3% of them. That would be 15 sales. $13.50.

Or…I could just build a new niche site with products that sell for about $30. While this is definitely on the hopeful side of things, 15*30=$450.


For now, it’s staying on the relative down low. But, I may be dropping a secret link here and there. Either here on Trouble or on Twitter.

But I’ll tell you a bit about it.

New Niche Site Challenge

It’s an information site, category: traveling.

Two products, as of now, are on the affiliate roster. One nets me about $27 a sale. The second is a recurring membership price which I take home 25% between $10-$50 a month. There is a decent market for membership sites in todays work, such as T&T University.

As of writing this on September 12th, the site contains:

  • 5 static pages
  • 18 published posts
  • One Adwords campaign at $1 a day
  • Two upcoming guest posts (Posting September 20th, give or take)

As of today, it’s gotten about a dozen new visitors from AdWords, but the site only hit the Google Index at the end of August.



This new niche site challenge should be a load of fun. In addition to this site, I’ve got plans to start 1 or 2 more in the coming months, as well as my drop shipping store.

If you’re interested in playing along, send me your site info and I’ll feature it (including a backlink from this site, which is a big deal for small niche sites). 

If you want to start up, I’d recommend going with (big fat affiliate link, <3) Bluehost for your new site (my new sites run on this compared to GoDaddy, much happier.)

The goal of these is not some crazy get-rich scheme.

The goal is a relatively passive $300-$500 a month. If you do that for a few months straight, you can turn around and sell a site like that for over 10 times that $500.

For those of you bad at math, that’s over $5,000. A friend of mine recently got nearly $12k for his site that was bringing in $700 a month, so it’s no joke.

I won’t promise you will get rich, but I will promise that the new niche site challenge will teach you about making connections, SEO, and making money online. So get started.

Expect weekly or so updates about this new site, and keep an eye out for a backlink to it here and there 😉

To hustlin’,


PS: Time is money. So stop wasting your time with girls and learn the proper skills to master them.

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