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Small Online Business Ideas: Let’s Explore!

Let’s face it, this blog has evolved. And I want to explore small online business ideas today, because…

…sure, my main projects have included some pretty groundbreaking dating products. First, The Harem Handbook, and the Tinder and Texting University. I’m incredibly proud of both of these projects. Even more proud that I put them both out in a year. Oh, and hey–did I mention I’ve got two new books that both should be out by the end of this year? One of which is already written.

Yeah, get excited.

However, I do have other interests. I also don’t want to be too one-dimensional. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing about game, banging girls, and crazy adventures. But at the end of the day, I simply like money. And as long as I don’t have to personally bend over for it (totally fine with bending others over), I don’t particularly care where it comes from. That’s why I experiment with things like niche sites and write posts about creating your own membership site.

I want to help you motherfuckers break free, too.

I know that it’s likely I cannot write about game and the playboy life forever. Sometimes, I need to take a step back and just chill the fuck out.

So today, let’s talk some small online business ideas I’m pursuing. Let’s hear your thoughts. Let’s hear what you guys are up to these days with your businesses, too.


Small Online Business Ideas

I have a new niche site that I’ve started recently. I realized that the old one, which was based around Amazon products–really stupid idea. Why the hell would I want to sell $50 blenders and take home 6% of that? Especially when I can sell products that are more expensive and take an even bigger cut.

So that new site is up and going. I’m not sure I’m going to reveal it yet. If ever. But, it’s about travel, and the affiliate stuff I’m selling revolves around dating site memberships and language courses. That’ll give you a hint. Get Googlin’. Not that you’ll find it. Yet.

If you’re interested in starting your own site you can buy your first domain and hosting here.

But first I’d read the truths about blogging.

PS: Thrive Themes are the best themes…


Small Online Business Ideas

I have three really, really good domains I’ve had my hands on for longer than I’d care to admit.  Like, extremely good. I’m going to use at least one of them to build a drop-shipping site.

This site will prey on emotionally vulnerable women reeling over break ups, and hopefully their tears will end up in my wallet. I’ll then cry tears of joy while I break hearts. It’ll be epic.

I will reveal this one when it’s at a point it’s up and running. I plan on making this baby part of the growing Troublesome empire. Maybe someday it’ll reach a point I’ll need to hire some employees, too.


Various other ideas floating around in my head include…

  1. When I get my Italian passport (December, I hope!) I’d like to create a site that walks you through the process. Maybe a small ebook.
  2. A travel hacking course that teaches you how to fly around the world for free.
  3. And man, I’d really like to do some speaking seminars someday.
  4. I’m also toying with the idea of hosting a Kiev bootcamp with a friend of mine here…whose interested?

Anyways, that’s all.

Do you guys want to see posts about these new niche sites and drop shipping businesses? Be honest. I don’t want to write them if you don’t want to hear them.

In any case, none of this would be possible without you guys buying my stuff and becoming players yourselves. So cheers to that.

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