Challenge Her - This Is Trouble

Challenge Her

If there’s one thing you can do to truly shake up your relationship, it’s this: CHALLENGE HER.

No, I don’t meant to arm wrestling. Nor do I mean this in a misogynist, sexist kind of way. Simply put, women want a man who is smart (er than them).

This means that when you nod your head and say yes dear, her vagina is drying. Maybe not every time, but you get my drift. Saying yes too often makes you a doormat and a boob.

Instead, challenge her.

Question her views.

Why does she think that?

If she gives a shit answer, call her on it. Tell her it’s a bad answer and demand she explain further. When she gives a good answer, give her credibility.

This is such a fine line to walk, truly. In fact, there’s actually a very actionable formula to do it. When she says something and you want to challenge her, you simply do this:

Be curious + stern + then listenCHALLENGE HER 2

Curious: You should genuinely want to know what she thinks about this. You’re not wasting your time on shitty girls, are you?

Stern: She may be irrational and try to fight back with emotion. Make it clean that you are calm and simply want her to explain herself. This sets a standard that you a have standards.

Listen: Sounds like something Cosmo would say. I know. Cheesy. But actually listen and absorb what she’s saying. Engaging with women on a deeper level is something that only comes with time.

Let’s use an example. The other week, my girl and I were talking about the economy in Ukraine and how it’s gotten to the point where it’s at–in the dumps (it’s now 26:1 to the US Dollar). Donald Trump and the US election came up, as well.

She said something about how their new President is taking heat because he owns a company. Any high-ranking government official in Ukraine is not supposed to hold private equity such as that (at least not on the scale he does).

So I asked…

Why do you think the economy ended up this way?

She answered. I continued.

Why can’t he own property?

How does that affect his ability to be President?

Do you think it’s bad for a powerful businessman to be in a position of…power?


You think self improvement is just a thing for men? Hell no. High quality girls want to be the best they can be, too.

Here’s how you find high quality girls.

They want to be smarter. They want to be able to talk about hot and difficult topics without coming off like a fool. They want to learn from a high-value man.

This doesn’t mean you be a condescending dick, it means you genuinely challenge her, make her think, and grow as a person. Some may cry that you’re a misogynist, but those are the feminists more content to eat cream puffs and collect cats than growing themselves. High value girls want to be challenged. They want to grow.

Yes, you need to be quick witted to do this properly. But that can be learned. The University is how you start.

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