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A Trip to Trakai

New post is up over at Bachelor Travels, with a brief recap of my trip out to Trakai while I was in Vilnius.

Click here to check it out!

The Vilnius Trakai Village is one of the most charming and beautiful places I have been to this year. Situated outside of Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, Trakai Village is a blast into the past.

Medieval castle. A moat. It looks like something you’d see in Legoland. And the dumplings. Mhmm. Don’t get me started about the dumplings.


It was a pretty busy week here at the This Is Trouble headquarters as I prep for the launch of my “University” this upcoming Monday.

Tinder and Texting University.

  • T&T Uni will be an exclusive access site.
  • T&T will have ongoing fresh content, twice a week.
  • This fresh content will be text conversation screenshots along with my full analysis (expect 300-500 words, or a five to ten minute podcast or video). As of now everything is in text format.
  • The content will come from multiple contributors and may even be user driven at some point (I’ve already had some user submissions–thank you!)


Bronze ($5/mo)

  • Access to all interactions every week
  • Copy of Tinder Travel eBook

Silver ($7/mo)

  • Access to all interactions every week
  • Copy of Tinder Travel eBook
  • Access to every Tinder profile I’ve ever used
  • Access to date/message tracking spreadsheet

Gold ($19/mo)

  • All Bronze/Silver benefits
  • Me as your personal texting coach. Ten times a month you can email me with a screenshot of your latest Tinder and Text game and I will respond with feedback.

This (launch) week all membership levels will be discounted. You can lock it in for life. After, the prices will be going up (Bronze to $7, Silver to $9, Gold to $29).

At the lower prices, it’s literally pennies (well, 17 cents) a day.

Oh, and if you sign up to this email list you’ll get even more goodies upon launch.

Other than that, it’s been an interesting week back in Kiev. Things are going well with the girl, I’m obviously getting a lot done (did you see how much I posted this week?!), and I’m preparing to book another apartment come mid-September. I just don’t know exactly where.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

To a great weekend,


PS: Here’s the early-access signup for the University.

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