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10 Things You Must Know About Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine is one of the greatest cities on the planet. But it’s a tough place to figure out. Here are ten things you MUST know about Ukraine’s capital. 1.) It’s 100% safe 2.) Despite #1, there is a scam culture 3.) Spring and fall are the best times 4.) Ukraine is a confused place […]

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College Is A Waste of Time, and Here’s Why

College is a waste of time. Here’s why. Back home in California, there’s a piece of paper stashed away in a room of my parents home. On that paper reads: Kyle Trouble, Bachelor of Economics. You know how much that piece of paper cost me? Well, a lot. A lot more than the money it cost to […]

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Travel Niche Site 001: Let’s Get Started

If you want to make money and travel the world, you gotta put in the work. Making those first dollars is always the hardest part, too. And when you’re looking at covering monthly expenses, the figures can seem big. But it’s important to start small. That’s what I did with This Is Trouble. 3 years ago […]

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Summer 2016 Video

In summer of 2016, I went to… – Odessa, Ukraine – Istanbul, Turkey – Kiev (again) – Warsaw, Poland – Venice, Italy – Maranello, Italy – Prague, Czech Republic – Orleans, France – Paris, France – Vilnius, Lithuania – Kiev (again) I had a lot of cool experiences that I’ve put together into a video […]

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Back to School Sale

In case you missed it on Twitter, last week my friend Michael gave me a great idea when he sent out a tweet advising college players to follow me: Back at my Alma Mater for the weekend. Here’s some advice. Read @TruthfulTrouble then go to college. You’ll have the time of your life. — Michael […]

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