In episode 44 of Troublesome Radio, I give a brief overview of where the hell I’ve been for the last month. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’d have seen that I’ve been around a lot lately–like a slut who has an addiction to cum.

Places include…

  • Warsaw
  • Bologna
  • Venice
  • Maranello
  • Prague
  • Orleans
  • Paris
  • Vilnius
  • …back to Kyiv!

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Until next time!

  • ten zły says:

    That seems like quite a exhausting month. I wouldn’t be able to pull that off. It always amazes me when people can do a lot of things in very short amount of time.

    Especially chicks, sometimes it is like they are not able to have free time at all, which is something that I would never do to myself. Like fuck… I love to have some downtime in day.

    Anyway, hope you do some good shit now that you are back to work, cos you have a quite unique perspective on things. That is way I like to come back to your blog, cos normally I don’t read game stuff anymore (too boring and hedonistic).

  • >