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  • me says:

    I’m curious about the content of your videos, but I can’t listen to audio at work. And even if I could, I can’t skim audio to determine if I want to go back and review in-depth. Could you post a transcript of each video? Thanks.

    • Sure, if you foot the bill to pay for it. Watch it at home.

      Unbelievable, some people like you.

      • me says:

        You can tell from the lack of comments that not enough people read your ideas. Take my suggestion (or at least write a summary) as a business idea (not a personal attack), make the summary search-engine friendly, double your readership, and double your revenues. Or, I guess you can continue to respond like a sensitive high school girl…

      • Now see, that is a fair point and an appreciated idea as opposed to “give me give me.”

        Try leading with that next time.

      • In addition…have you ever bought one of my products? Or coaching? Or hell, even an affiliate link?

        (And if you have, I obviously take this back)

        It’s very poor manners to simply say “could you post a transcript? Thanks.” (i.e. more free content) and expect it if you’ve never done anything to support this blog or my work.

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