Here’s How You Text & Tinder Girls PROPERLY

Alright boys and girls, excited to announce today that I’m moving closer to bringing a great idea I have to life.

Simply put, I get a lot of emails showing me text threads, or Tinder chats. Asking for help. Guys who have interactions going well but just…lose it.

And I want to help.


Obviously, watch the video above for some more details. But if you want quick-hit details, here they are:

  • T&T Uni will be a membership site with a monthly fee
  • T&T will have ongoing fresh content, either 1-3x a week
  • This fresh content will be text conversation screenshots along with my full analysis (expect 300-500 words, or a five to ten minute podcast or video)
  • The content will come from multiple contributors and may even be user driven at some point


Is still TBD, however, most likely it will be somewhere around $7 a month. I am considering doing different tiers; i.e. at $5 a month you get one interaction per week, $7 you get two interactions, $15 you get three as well as me analyzing your texts privately…

I’m still ironing out those details and will be sending out a survey soon.

So don’t miss out!

Click here to get on the early signup list. This will allow you to shape how the course is designed, as well as access to special launch pricing.

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  • ten zły says:

    Nice idea, especially when texting is main form of communication nowadays. And it is always good idea to have a second opinion. A noticed one thing, when I was talking with my friend about girls. He often doesn’t notice obvious. And it is not like he too stupid or inexperienced too notice it. I think it is because when it is you on the line you don’t think straight, it probably takes some practice. So friendly opinion should be helpful to inexperienced guys. At least I think so.

    • Glad you like the idea! I’m looking forward to the launch.

      I just want to make it something that guys can get help with. I think real-life examples (screenshots) really can help guys. I know it’s helped a lot of my students.

      It’s very true! It’s part of the necessity of abundance. If you have more girls in the pipe (haremhandbook.com ;)) then it’s easier to be “risk taking” with your interactions.

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