• ten zły says:

    Overall good article, good customer service is key. One problem with this, you are used to american standards. That is fine, but not everywhere on the glob american standards are the norm. Being disappointed, because someone fails to meet those standards is somehow unfair. You can compare american standards with something that is norm in other country, but you should not judge some company based on american standards. Paying for box is pretty much standard for me and I would not even notice it, not to mention holding it against this place where I have eaten.
    On other hand I would be very angry when someones was trying to haste me into finishing my meal, because they want my table for other customers. I would be never ever return there again.

    • Exactly, customer service is about CUSTOMERS.

      They turned a potential very good customer into a middle ground one. It’s different culture, I agree. But customer service (other than the rushing them out the door part) is something most countries SHOULD actually take from America.

      Okay, so what is EE? I do realize those places you listed are CENTRAL Europe, but for simplicity’s sake we just say West/EE. To have to know the ins and outs of every region would be absurd.

      It would be like expecting you to know that there is a “Plains” region in the US, or a “Mountains region”. Most people outside of the US simply know Midwest, Pacific, East Coast, South.

      That’s not reasonable to expect non-US citizens to know that.

      • ten zły says:

        Well, it is not that I don’t agree with you. But it is one thing to compare customers services in America and Lithuania and quite other to judge Lithuanian company based on US standards. It would be quite well said that restaurants in Lithuania can learn from their US counterparts, but in my opinion you went a little bit too far.

        As for eastern, west, central, northern and south Europe it is not that you have to know exactly what is what. It is simply enough to look at the map and see what is east and what is not. It is not that hard.


        You can clearly see that Germany is not western nor is Czech for that matter. And calling Czech part of eastern Europe is stupid when Prague is more west than Vienna. I bet you would not call Vienna part of Eastern Europe. You don’t need deep understanding of history to see that. Just look at the map and see what seems to be in center, west and so on. As for Lithuania it can be confusing, so I probably overreacted a bit. It is more historic argument than geographic one.

        It is fine to call Czech part of what used to be soviet/eastern block, but it is quite other thing to call it part of Eastern Europe.

      • The difference is that if I’d ordered take away and they charge me for the box, no big. But I’d already paid and simply wanted to take my food home. Whole separate transaction, 30+ minutes apart.

        And yes–I believe everyone should strive to be the BEST. So it’s fair to judge customer service standards on what I’ve seen in America. Just like how I judge American people for not being as good of people as whom I meet in EE. Goes both ways.

        I’m not saying I disagree with your points on the geography – but NO ONE actually uses the term Central Europe; and remember this is a Western blog. So I’d have to start pushing a whole new terminology down reader’s throats.

        Rather, our beliefs towards this is simply from a societal point of view. Western Europe is…well, a lot like America. “Eastern Europe (i.e. Poland, Czech, Hungary, etc.) are places with traditional values–for now.

        I just think you’re wasting a lot of energy and frustration on a geography lesson that is really just to keep things simple. I’m not going to get frustrated at you for not knowing that Colorado isn’t technically the Midwest.

      • ten zły says:

        Oh… my bad… I assumed that you paid for whole thing including meal after eating. When you pay upfront then, yeah I understand your point. It is just silly.

        As for the EE I get it. It is just that makes me a little bit angry (not that I would actually punch anyone over it 😉 because it assumes connection to Russia… and there is not love for Russia here to say it in very diplomatic way. Same way with that glorification of Putin in manosphere (which could be paid by Russia to some extend, and it is not like Russia doesn’t have paid propaganda in west, although I personally doubt it, because manosphere is too small).

      • Haha, yeah maybe I wasn’t clear in the video. It was as I was trying to leave! If it was upfront, no big deal at all.

        Yeah, I do have to say–living in Ukraine I have heard a lot about Putin. And yes…Manosphere Westerners like the guy cause at least he isn’t a pussy (have you seen Obama? His wife is more man than he is.).

        Also, I don’t think people in the West associate Russia with EE really. It’s more just…it’s own thing. I never thought of Russia as EE. Do you?

      • ten zły says:

        Well, I cannot say that he is pussy, but I still hate this motherfucker and would gladly see him dead. There are many manly man that one can take as role model, it doesn’t have to be Putin. As for Obama… I don’t pay too much attention to him… yet another liberal pussy elected based on having vagina, skin color or whatever bullshit they deem important, just god forbid merit, because voting for merit would be voting for white male.

        For me Russia is definition of EE. You can’t get more EE than Russia. I know that many parts of Russia are outside Europe, but I believe most of Russian population is in its European part and it is a country that always had strong connection to rest of Europe. So it is European in nature, although not Western European.

      • We tend to just think of it as it’s own entity. I don’t think it’s anything like EE countries. So much bigger and powerful.

        May head there in a month or so if it permits.

        “just god forbid merit, because voting for merit would be voting for white male.”

        Yep, heaven forbid we hire the best candidate.

      • ten zły says:

        It is funny how Americans see this. For me this is quite obvious.
        You don’t even have to be history geek to know that Russia is and always was part of Europe. Russia is most eastern country of Europe, so it is EE.

        What is more funny Russia is source of this EE confusion, because of soviet block. So you call what was under Russia EE, but you would not call the source itself EE? Funny idea.

        And yes Russia is its own entity, so it is Ukraine, UK, USA, Germany, Cuba and so on. But that does not mean it can not be part of something else.

        Is it big? Yes. Is it powerful? Not anymore… It is very likely that there will not be Russia anymore in 20 years. That is only good thing about Putin, he cares more about keeping himself in power than about Russia. So he will invade Ukraine, Georgia or any other smaller country… He will fail at it (as he had failed with others before) and ruin Russia in process. It will be great show, although a bit bloody.

        Hilary will probably help him, because she is as cold blooded as he is if not more. Given her taste for bringing chaos to world it is very likely that there will be war here in Europe. Russia will loose, but it will get bloody. Not likely on atomic scale (given that even Nazi Germany didn’t use chemical weapons), but not nice anyway.

      • Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, man…I love Ukraine and they’d be first on the chopping block (Crimea already chopped off).

      • ten zły says:

        I like Ukrainians. They are nice, hard working and simple people. Because of recent events there are many of them working here in Poland. In fact quite a few of them are my neighbors right now. Can’t say much wrong about them.

        I wouldn’t want anything bad happen to them, but Russians are crazy people when it comes to having empire. Kiev is to Russia like first american settlement to USA. It was capital of first Russian country ever or to be more precise protoplast of it.

        Ukraine wasn’t a thing 30 years ago or ever before. There were some nationalistic movements before, but that is all to it. During its entire history it was either Russian, Polish or Lithuanian territory. And it is very likely that Russia will want a piece of it in future. West will get weaker. Lets be honest, Hillary will win US elections. US will get weaker and with it rest of west. Recent attack on Ukraine is on US. There was a treaty that if Ukraine gives it nuclear weapons up US will protect it. US hasn’t done its part of this treaty.

        China doesn’t give a shit about Ukraine. Nobody will protect pure little Ukraine. Only countries that are neighbors to Russia give a shit, but it is not very likely that they will do anything either. There was some effort on part of Poland to form anty-russian coalition with central and eastern european countries, but it isn’t likely to happen.

      • Indeed, they’re great people and have kinda just been a punching doll stuck in the middle of a lot of things. Just poor geography.

        Why do you think Hilary’s going to win?

      • ten zły says:

        Well, lets be honest they are not gonna play fair. I think they gonna cheat, kill or do whatever is necessary to win. If worst comes to worst they will just kill Trump. It is not beyond them. I already think that most countries have Russian style democracy.

        Just look what happened in Austria… remote voters turned the presidential election… yeah, right… who are we trying to fool? they just printed some votes.

      • Ahh, yeah get what you’re saying then. If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying.

        of course I’m rooting for Trump but I recognize it’s mostly out of my control. Guess we’re going to find out here in about…3 months.

      • ten zły says:

        And they will just think that they are doing right thing, saving a country from Trump… It is sad how some people can justify just anything for ideology.

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