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13 Ways To Live a Happy and Fulfilling Life (Written by a Ukrainian Girl)

My current girl from Ukraine was recently given this blog. Maybe someday I’ll write about that 😉

Inspired by what I do here on This Is Trouble (and especially my 25 lessons on my 25th birthday post), she wrote down a list of 13 ways that she could improve. They’re good enough that I think they can apply to most women (and men, frankly), so I wanted to share it.

I’ve done some light editing at her insistence (personally, I find the English mistakes endearing), but not much. Keep in mind that English isn’t her native language (one of 5 or so that she speaks).

So without further ado, here she is.

13 Ways To Live a Happy and Fulfilling Life (Written by a Ukrainian Girl)

1. Don’t lie.

Lies are a poison with a long influence. If you do that one time you’ll always need to follow your fake story. That is not easy thing to do and usually sooner or later the truth is going to be revealed. There are few reasons to lie and if yours is fear of consequences better try to understand why you are afraid then create a new lie.

2. Be perfectionist.

Being perfect is not possible at all but you can at least try to. That will make challenge yourself all the time. Even though to do something perfectly is almost unreachable goal you should be sure that you have done everything that was possible.

3. Do good things.

We never know what is going on in life of strangers whom we meet every day but it’s not hard thing at all just to be helpful and not be rude. That is not even an effort to hold a door so it won’t hit someone behind you or help if you see someone needs it.

4. Don’t rely too much on other people.

Common thing is that when you just telling someone you idea to do something they are very enthusiastic about but as soon as some real action is involved they osculate (Kyle’s note: Is it bad if I had to look up the definition of this word?) shrink away and give a bunch of reasons why they won’t do it. In this case it is much easier if you want to do something do it on your own–you’ll never regret it.

5. Value people.

That is connected with previous one. Even though you can do everything on own don’t give important people a feeling that you neglect them.

6. Read.

Reading is an activity that can make you relax, and at the same time makes your brain work. Even really bad and not interesting book can give you a lot of things to reflect on.

7. Have someone to follow.

It doesn’t mean you need to have an idol. That is for sure not good thing to idolize somebody and make you life revolve around this person. Better have someone who will inspire you to do your own steps to success. It is extremely inspiring when you think that you should give up, but then have a look at someone who didn’t.

8. Don’t do thing only because you want someone else appreciation.

Social networks are nowadays very common reason to do something that you for sure know will bring you a lot of positive feedback. Sometimes it’s a good motivation but better think what you want to do than what other people would like you to. Actions done for praise never will give you satisfaction.

(Kyle’s note: This is probably my favorite one.)

9. Use all opportunities you have.

That is very simple one but usually no one follows it. Do everything that you can, so you won’t regret that you hadn’t in future. That doesn’t mean that I’m telling you should commit a crime as soon as you’ll have a possibility. It’s more about not been lazy and scared not to succeed in something.

10. Have a hobby.

Firstly, it’s a good distraction from everyday problems. Day to day routine to earn money makes you life empty and purposeless. At the same time having a deep knowledge in some sphere makes you much more interesting for others.

11. Use every opportunity to speak in public.

Especially if you are scared to death to do it and shy. That can make you really confident in yourself. Just always remember that you confidence should not be based on nothing but on your knowledge and experience.

12. Don’t be superficial.

That is hard thing to do and usually people don’t go deep in research when they watch news or get any new information. In that case you will just know only stereotypes and sound rather stupid for those who avoid them. Making your own small research you will be surprise that thing are is so different from that what you thought before.

13. Don’t judge.

That is not in anyone competence. As was mentioned above we are all not perfect, so we never know all what we can be condemned for. Thinking about other people and their success or failures will never help you to improve yourself.

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