Preparing For My Interview With Lithuania’s Biggest News Outlet

Tomorrow, I’m being interviewed by the biggest news outlet in Lithuania. Apparently, one of their (and my) readers notified them that I was heading to Vilnius.

This video is about my pre-interview thoughts!

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  • hoodlum81 says:

    Good luck, prepare yourself for a possible hatchet job!

  • Ieva says:

    Relax, they regularly post about our Alpha Vyras 😀 He’s a great laughing stock for us locals. You’ll do great at it too

  • ten zły says:

    I guess the it over by now, how did it go?

    By the way, it is marvelous how uniform media around world are in their opinions. Just few days ago I watched our polish tv station bashing trump. And guess what? It seemed exactly as something you can see in tv station from USA. Just translated to polish. Basically trump is one big meanie and doesn’t like good, poor muslims so we should hope corrupted hag wins.

  • Ele Pranaityte says:

    I just couldn’t stop laughing when I read that you were going to give an interview to ” Lithuania’s Biggest News Outlet”. They are the worst Yellow Pages you can find on this part of the globe. But as we say, “what’s the good, that’s the market ” :DDD

    • Hey, publicity is publicity and they are one of the top ranked sites in the world 😉

      How did you find my site, out of curiosity?

      • Ele Pranaityte says:

        They are WHAT? :DDDD

        I did actually found your site through them as sometimes a pearl glistens in the mud even on their site. The headline said: “An American comes to evaluate Lithuanians: will reccommend to all.” I thought well, must be because of our fast internet, clean drinking water, startup-hubs, lasers, heart surgery, Barclay relocating and etc. I click to read and it’s about…well, clickbait got me again.

        Made my day, though.

      • Here’s your proof. #5 in Lithuania (probably only beaten by Google and some other big Lithuanian sites).

        2,000 or so in the world is pretty damn good, too.

        Your country is very nice, I’ve enjoyed my time here. I wish Ruta had written the article in English too–I don’t know how accurate my Google Translation is.

      • Ele Pranaityte says:

        Oh, you used Alexa. I don’t reccommend it. Never gets figures right. As a local person this “top ranked in the world” made me guffaw ( that noice you heard-yup, it was me). I never give interviews to “yellow press” myself but I can’t expect everybody to follow my standards.

        Flickr servers is down, cannot update my blog, so have time to tell that Google Translate is a wreck.

      • Ele Pranaityte says:

        It’s a travel blog. I like travelling both in my country and abroad, and I like telling other people they can do it too. Some of them actually listen. I’ve got three trips coming up this year alone. My newest crazy escapade will be to Minsk (Belarus) for their half marathon in September. And I don’t even run 😀

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