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The Importance of a Home Base for an Entrepreneur

I’ve recently passed the four month mark of living abroad, building my business, and leaving America in the rearview mirror.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: you CANNOT do it all, all the time.

For example, I went on a banging spree in Kraków, Poland. I banged four new girls in the first twelve days, drank way too much, and pretty much got zero work done.

In Kyiv, I met a great girl and we’re still together. We saw each other about every other day, which enabled me to get a ton of work done. It was one of the more productive months of my life, in all honesty.

Sure, we did fun stuff like go to Chernobyl and the former Ukrainian president’s mansion.

But for the most part, I was buckled down and it enabled me to make The Harem Handbook into a killer, polished product.

And the reviews of it attest to that.

After that, I moved on to Odessa–which, as I’ve discussed before, was very much a de-motivating town with no hustle and bustle. I was so bored, in fact (and partially coming down from the Handbook launch), that I ended up booking a side trip to Istanbul–where obviously, I got nothing done work-wise.


Simply put, when you decide to make the leap and build an online business, you’re going to have to find a balance.

If you’re traveling around and seeing the world, it’s natural to want to do this. And frankly, with the costs in America, it’s hard to find a reason to stay there and build a business. Especially when location independence and a powerful US dollar are calling your name abroad.

You’re going to want to have fun and adventure.

But, you MUST actually do some work. It’s too easy to fall into the “Hey, I’m free now…I can do whatever I want. LITERALLY WHATEVER I WANT” mindset, and that is a dangerous place to be.


Because almost no work gets done.

It’s too easy to sleep in until eleven in the morning. We all know winners rise far earlier than that.

It’s too easy to go out and have a beer every night. And because you’re a charming bastard, it then becomes too easy to make new friends and turn it into a night full of adventure.

Every new place a new adventure awaits.


This is why a home base is important.

It should have a good balance. Some new things to do and adventure about, a city full of hustle, and ideally–a place that you simply “click” with.

It’s hard to explain, but there are certain countries and cities that certain men just click with.

Country chemistry is what I’ve deemed it.

Of course, to find this, you have to experiment a bit. It’s why it’s a good idea to do some travel abroad before you make a huge leap like I did.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to see everywhere in the world.

Pick a place you like, that has some beauty and hustle, and settle down there.

I’m heading back to Kyiv after August 17th, and I can’t wait.

From July 14th to August 17th, I’ll have gone to Kyiv, Warsaw, Kraków, Venice, Maranello, Prague, Orleans, Paris, and Vilnius.

Just writing that sentence made me exhausted.

And sure, I’m on a family trip that has been planned forever, and I’ve enjoyed it.

But the Troublesome business productivity has slowed down significantly during that time. I was fortunate enough to get pretty far ahead before all of that.

A budding business has no place for instability or chaos. It needs routine, consistency, and dedication. This can only be accomplished by having a permanent home base that you love and can have a decent work/life balance.


The best months of this blog were when I was working 15 hour days. I did this as preparation for moving abroad, when I quit the corporate America life but before I got on a plane overseas.

I knew I wanted to have some fun and so I got way the hell ahead of everything that could possibly come my way.

If you love your work there is no need for balance.

BUT, you do still need a city that you like so that you can get fresh air from time to time.

FYI, there is a hint in the image of this post as to what my new permanent home is shaping up to be…

While I won’t call that work/life balance (which is corporate slang for slave driving you), you do need to get out of the damn house. Go work in a nice cafe for an hour or two a day.


The final bit of advice I can give is that you need an apartment that you enjoy. There needs to be natural light, and a good place to work on your computer.

Some people say you should go work in cafes while abroad. That’s bullshit. If you want true, 100% focus, you need your own quiet space.

I often save my menial work (emails, editing, blog graphics, Twitter) for cafe time. My real dedicated writing and focus time ALWAYS comes from my home office or kitchen table. It simply doesn’t work otherwise.

Those who tell you that cafes are 100% sustainable for building a business are full of crap.

Focus is key.


I would recommend anyone take the leap at some point. Build an online business–but maybe not a blog.

Learn how to be abundant in girls, life, and wealth. Live. Adventure to land where the women are feminine, and the men are masculine.

Simply put, it’s an experience you’ll never get while living in a cubicle jail cell.

Get out there.

– Kyle

PS: Men work hard to get women. It’s why we build businesses. Don’t kid yourself. So master women the right way.

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