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SPECIAL: Coaching in Kiev, Ukraine

I’m going to be in Kiev for at least the next month. If you are interested in doing a weekend (or longer) in Kiev, let’s set something up. Click here to read more about my coaching services and prices. Kiev is a tough place to crack, but I’ve spent enough time here that I’ve got […]

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Clouded Judgment

The scene–a small village in rural America. The year–1850. There is a 15 year old girl with two children by her side. They are hers. She is five months pregnant with a third. She got pregnant at 14. At 15 again. Now, just two months shy of her 16th birthday there stirs another inside of her. […]

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How to Live Like a Playboy with Harem Girls

Ahh, harem girls. Every man’s dream. To be able to date multiple beautiful women and live a free life. But it seems like such a hard step. Because first you have to find those girls, and then keep them. Most men have enough problems with just one of those issues. I’m here to change that. Having a harem […]

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Monday Funday (A Big F-You to Corporate America)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in seven countries and over ten cities this year, it’s that your life is what you make it. If you choose to sit around and watch porn, report to work just in time, and have mediocre standards–guess what, your life will be very, very mediocre. There are people […]

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Where In The World…

TROUBLESOME RADIO 044 WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KYLE TROUBLE? AVAILABLE ON ITUNES In episode 44 of Troublesome Radio, I give a brief overview of where the hell I’ve been for the last month. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’d have seen that I’ve been around a lot lately–like a slut who has an […]

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