There *IS* Such a Thing As Too Much Dread Game

Dread game is simply…well, inspiring dread. Which is a bit of a panty moistener. When a girl knows she has to work to keep your love and affection, her love often blossoms. She works harder to please you. This is a valuable tactic that any man should employ in his relationship to keep things going well.


Can you run too much dread game and push a girl away? Let’s discuss…

The best way to avoid having to run dread game is simply to run a harem.

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  • wizardprang says:

    Well said. So much is said about “Dread game” that we forget that such a powerful weapon can be mis-used.

    As far as this fellow is concerned (and I speak as an older man), I would advise him to ask himself “What would Sean Connery do?” and act accordingly. He would probably not respond to what is probably a “shit test”; instead he would nuke it from orbit; smirk, say she has been a bad girl, and ask her if she needs a spanking.

    IMO, “Game” is nothing more than a re-purposing of the Psy-Ops that women have been using on men for centuries (“Pride and Prejudice, anyone?). Naturally the ladies don;’t like the idea of their best tools being used against them. Thoughts?

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