How to Make a Good Girl Your Personal Sex Slave

[DISCLAIMER: This article is only regarding CONSENSUAL sex, obviously. Some people need it spelled out for them.]

The adoration of a young, beautiful, and good girl is what every man wants out of life.

There’s really nothing better. Universal desire.

However, to truly make a good girl look at you with that look of pure desire and lust takes time, patience, and skill. Forgot the skanks that have taken four dozen dicks in their life.

Making a good girl your personal sex slave (and have her enjoy it) is a much more fun endeavor than diving headfirst into the town’s local petri dish.

How to Make a Good Girl Your Personal Sex Slave

how to make a good girl your personal sex slave


And in today’s world, that can be difficult.

Have you read my post about screening a girl for a relationship yet? Those are the kind of qualities that you want to look for.

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Necessary qualities in the girl you’re looking for:

  • Feminine
  • Submissive
  • Not aggressive
  • Chaste/inexperienced


When you find her, assuming you have your shit together–you don’t have to overgame. Remember, if you truly become high value through game you no longer have to mimic the action of high-value men.

You are no longer faking it–you are genuinely high value. Therefore, it’s likely your girl will be insanely into you. You don’t need to run absurd amounts of asshole game.

Just be your confident, masculine, and dominant usual self.

This is an important step. Good girls tend to be shy. Perhaps they’ve had their heart stomped on before. Or perhaps she’s simply smarter than most.

Good girls will see through fake personas. They do not respond well to asshole game further on in the relationship. If she is opening herself heart and soul to you, she will need some reassurances.

She will really need those reassurances to truly submit to you in bed and allow you to turn her into your personal sex slave.


A girl who has the qualities described above (chaste, inexperienced, submissive), probably doesn’t have a lot of bedroom experience.

She’s not going to jump right into being a pornstar on the first night with you (though many girls will).

Most girls do have the fantasy of being tied up, and in today’s culture it’s seen as “acceptable” without going into BDSM territory.

Home bondage systems are quite affordable and can be a great experience for both of you.

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This goes back to her potential insecurities.

Most likely, she knows you are, or have been, a bit of a player. So when you’re fucking her, she needs to be assured that you care about her. Otherwise, she’ll never reach a level of comfort to really let go.

It’s really not that difficult to be passionate. Just get into the sex. Be enthusiastic with the kissing. Grab her and don’t let go. Make some noise (most girls love a manly grunt).

Cum where it turns you on the most and let them know it turns you on.

From The Harem Handbook:

It’s happened three times now that I had a condom break, and I finished inside her before realizing the condom broke. In this case, a Plan B pill was inevitable. This is with proper condom use and different brands, so I chalk it up simply pushing the limit a little too much – despite always checking it before finishing.

Knowing that we were going to be purchasing a Plan B pill anyway, I figured it didn’t really matter if I came in her again at that point. So in every case, I went raw dog for round two and busted inside of her – again.

In all three of these cases, I was able to keep the girls around for a while. There are many studies that show that semen has lots of good nutrients in it, and even some bonding elements that will attach her to you. So while I’m not advocating you start busting in girls left and right…I’m pretty sure there is something to this by now – three for three is a pretty good statistic.

…use that one with caution.


how to make a good girl your personal sex slave 2

It’s hard to describe until you’ve seen it, but once you see it you’ll know.

There reaches a certain point in a sexual relationship where a woman becomes comfortable with you. When a good girl submits completely and lets you turn her into your personal sex slave.

You’ll know when this is.

And when it does happen, reward her.

When she has her first ever squirting orgasm, that she had been holding back for months because she was “scared”–PRAISE HER.

You can say things such as:

“Good girl.”

“That was so sexy.”

“God, you looked beautiful when you did that. I loved it.”

You get what I mean here. You can beta it up a bit. She will need to be assured that you find her losing control sexy and not gross (especially if she soaked the sheets).

This is just a primer on how to make a good girl your personal sex slave. Finding, converting, and experiencing these kind of things with good girls is one of the best things you can do for your Game.

Good luck,

PS: Become the man she truly wants—this book will teach you how.

  • Karl says:

    For me i know that the secret of making a good girl your sex slave is just two things.
    Getting my hands on her say by offering to lather with suntan oil or to give her a neck massage.
    Either one and i know im going to do anything i want.
    This is because i will innocently work my way to her vagina and i startcat the neck or the ankles.
    Also if i can place my mouth at her ear she is mine.
    My warm breath and husky voice means her v is going to melt.
    These methods have always resulted in a dripping v and then is a process.

  • Dante says:

    Hey,I’m quite young but,like highschool young and I’ve already been with multiple girls and they have all been like this,along with my current girlfriend that is like this but far more extreme. I want to know a way if you can make this but far more extreme, like a procedure, I just got lucky with my girlfriend. I’m already doing this and its already known knowledge. I knew this before even reading it,I just figured out. I’m not trying to insult but its good for other people that don’t know this,it’s just that I was hoping I’d learn something new

  • Ave created one so far

  • Kim says:

    Wtf is wrong with you maggotts. May you choke on your own vile
    This is ok and women are nothing to you piece of shit fucktards. Your mother should have aborted you

  • RawDawg says:

    I’m 30 and I’ve made submissive sluts out of 4 decent girls so far, and I agree completely that when you reach a point of comfort with this girl it’s always good to get them on the pill and go raw n bust your nut inside them every time . She should know that she’s your property, and her pussy is a cum dump for your seed. In fact it’s better to work that into the dirty talk, and train them to say “my pussy is a cum dump for you daddy” “you own me” and things like that. Good post.

  • Lorden says:

    When she trusts you and is into you, she will try to please you- which in the beginning is / should be sexually. If not, walk away.

  • Saul says:

    Where’s your reply to RawDawg, two posts up? You’re so prompt to respond to the other commenters. Did you just overlook RawDawg’s post? He has some interesting insights you could add to your “ways to dominate a woman” articles, like “train them to say ‘my pussy is a cum dump for you daddy'” and “she should know she’s your property.” That’s gold to a lady’s ears. I bet your mom moans that in your dad’s ear while he’s pulling the back of her hair and pile driving his wet, hard cock up her juicy, dripping vag. Yum!!! I hope she jumps up as soon as he’s packed her full of his yummy cum juice and makes him a pot roast! If not, he should kick her wrinkly ass to the curb. What good is she if she’s not getting her holes plugged by your big daddy while on her knees doing housework. That’s her job!

  • Tanya says:

    The girls you describe are more likely to be dominant in bed. They’re often shy around people, so they express themselves in the intimate area. Assertive and aggressive girls are the ones that deep down want to be conquered and dominated. Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I have many friends from both types. Believe me, we girls talk to each other about every single sexual detail and fantasy, I still can’t get why you guys are so secretive? One last thing – to be dominant means to be responsible and take care for her. Can you really do that?

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      Honestly, I’m not quite sure what point you’re trying to make with the whole comment, but…

      “Yes, I am a girl”

      This makes your opinion about female nature almost worthless immediately.

      Girls never have the self-awareness to express beyond how they themselves view the world.

      It doesn’t matter how many girls or guys you know, or what you talk about. You view the world as a self projection of your own life.

      Now, with that being said, yes – girls gossip.

      As far as “taking care of her” (I’m guessing you’re Slavic by your name) – it’s not something most of us care to do with Western girls. Plus, they don’t want it anyway.

      Different story when going abroad.

      See: https://datingabroad.net

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  • JakSchit says:

    Hey, I’m 59 and just found another 19 year old good girl to train to be my sex slave. Shes going to be the 3rd one I’ll have found to train. All of them have been black girls with little to no experience at having sex and started masturbating before she reached teenage years. I think you’re right. You need to find a girl who’s shy, submissive and inexperienced. But also I think she has to be one who is always horny. That’s why I look for a girl who began masturbating at a young age. In order for her to become your sex slave you must be 100% honest with her about everything from the beginning. This builds the trusting relationship you need to have with your sex slave.

  • mi says:

    i always have the desire to be submissive and obey and serve one particular guy whom i love and admire.. i want to belong to him.. and to do anything he commands.. and to call him sir or master, to let him dress me up in any outfits he desires, to wear a ball gag or anything he wants me to wear.. to cook and clean for him in that outfit, to always be on my knees in front of him..

    i would do anything for him. i love him and i want to belong to him and only him..

    to obey him, like i am meant to do.. to know my place.. to have him make me do anything he dreams of.. and to do it without doubt or hesitation because i trust his superior judgement.. to be owned by him

    i want to be a good girl for him , like i was made to do.. i want my sole purpose to be… no, i know my sole purpose is ..to serve him, to make him happy.. because if he is happy, i am happy. that is all that matters

    oh,, but i would never say that out loud.. i just couldnt! even holding hands is too much for me.. i do not do anything of those sorts.. i ,,
    i refuse to date anyone, because i wont give myself up unless it is the one and only owner and master for me..
    because my heart belongs to him.. because i was created to belong to him.. and to please him..

    i am full well capable of defending myself.. but.. it all depends.. if i .. want to..

    oh, but nobody knows just how much i crave to obey. to submit. i want to be so… owned.. and controlled..
    it makes me happy to be put in my place.. where i belong..

    i want to be his and only his,
    to do anything he tells me to
    because my purpose is and should always be to obey my master, and to please him, completely..

    i couldnt ever admit it out loud!
    no… no..


    i want… no,
    i need..
    i need to submit. i love him.

    my only desire is to submit to him fully and to obey.. to fulfill my duties as a female..
    the way i was meant to be.. on my knees, awaiting his commands..

    that is my dream in life.. it would be a dream come true to be owned, to be tied up, to be used.. i couldnt ever admit it out loud though.. i am too shy for that..i.. i couldnt;;;…. its too much!

    but i love him. everytime i am around him, i dont need to speak.. i just want to be in his presence, to be quiet, to listen, to simply be there by his side , even while he talks to others.. because my place is under master’s command..
    even simply being near him in submissive silence, i am contented. that is the greatest place and position for me to be. it truly is a dream and a wonder. i want to be his, i need to be his, i am his…

    if he were to want me, i would be willing and available.. and waiting.. waiting for the moment he claims me as his slave. that

    that is my dream. to fulfill my one and only purpose

    but.. i could never say that! aah;; so embarrassing ;;;
    but.. so… right..

    • mgm says:


      I am truly blown away by your comment. I thank you for your deep insight to the submissive mind.
      Dominance is strength. Strength to provide, protect to guide and so much much more. The words you speak truly is a very deep devotion that is so very rare and unheard of in today’s time. It is the union of man and a woman. A woman’s submission to the degree in which you speak is an honor to read. The degree of dedication and devotion the loyalty and respect is emense and I hope for your sake that you find a Dominant man worthy of the beautiful gift that you offer. Thank you.

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  • Elena says:

    Man, I know you won’t listen to a word I say but at least I have to try: this is disgustingly wrong. Women don’t exist to please men, even less to become anyone’s sex slave. If you ever loved your mother, and even worse if you have sisters, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    I don’t know anything about your life. Maybe you suffered traumatic experiences with women and ended up channeling your pain writing tons of offensive and inconsiderate articles.

    Let me tell you something: women, just like men, want to live their best lives doing whatever makes them happy. No matter if that involves being single forever and having sex with every guy they meet or marrying at 18 and becoming a house wife. There is no such thing as a ‘good girl’ and a ‘bad girl’, and our worth definitely has nothing to do with our sexual history and/or our personality.

    I am writing this being aware that you are the type of men who won’t agree with me. I’m just being honest and letting you know that reading this made me feel sick in the stomach. I hope you become a better person, a better husband, a better lover, a better brother in the future.


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