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How to Make a Good Girl Your Personal Sex Slave

[DISCLAIMER: This article is only regarding CONSENSUAL sex, obviously. Some people need it spelled out for them.]

The adoration of a young, beautiful, and good girl is what every man wants out of life.

There’s really nothing better. Universal desire.

However, to truly make a good girl look at you with that look of pure desire and lust takes time, patience, and skill. Forgot the skanks that have taken four dozen dicks in their life.

Making a good girl your personal sex slave (and have her enjoy it) is a much more fun endeavor than diving headfirst into the town’s local petri dish.

How to Make a Good Girl Your Personal Sex Slave

how to make a good girl your personal sex slave


And in today’s world, that can be difficult.

Have you read my post about screening a girl for a relationship yet? Those are the kind of qualities that you want to look for.

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Necessary qualities in the girl you’re looking for:

  • Feminine
  • Submissive
  • Not aggressive
  • Chaste/inexperienced


When you find her, assuming you have your shit together–you don’t have to overgame. Remember, if you truly become high value through game you no longer have to mimic the action of high-value men.

You are no longer faking it–you are genuinely high value. Therefore, it’s likely your girl will be insanely into you. You don’t need to run absurd amounts of asshole game.

Just be your confident, masculine, and dominant usual self.

This is an important step. Good girls tend to be shy. Perhaps they’ve had their heart stomped on before. Or perhaps she’s simply smarter than most.

Good girls will see through fake personas. They do not respond well to asshole game further on in the relationship. If she is opening herself heart and soul to you, she will need some reassurances.

She will really need those reassurances to truly submit to you in bed and allow you to turn her into your personal sex slave.


A girl who has the qualities described above (chaste, inexperienced, submissive), probably doesn’t have a lot of bedroom experience.

She’s not going to jump right into being a pornstar on the first night with you (though many girls will).

Most girls do have the fantasy of being tied up, and in today’s culture it’s seen as “acceptable” without going into BDSM territory.

Home bondage systems are quite affordable and can be a great experience for both of you.

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This goes back to her potential insecurities.

Most likely, she knows you are, or have been, a bit of a player. So when you’re fucking her, she needs to be assured that you care about her. Otherwise, she’ll never reach a level of comfort to really let go.

It’s really not that difficult to be passionate. Just get into the sex. Be enthusiastic with the kissing. Grab her and don’t let go. Make some noise (most girls love a manly grunt).

Cum where it turns you on the most and let them know it turns you on.

From King’s Code:

It’s happened three times now that I had a condom break, and I finished inside her before realizing the condom broke. In this case, a Plan B pill was inevitable. This is with proper condom use and different brands, so I chalk it up simply pushing the limit a little too much – despite always checking it before finishing.

Knowing that we were going to be purchasing a Plan B pill anyway, I figured it didn’t really matter if I came in her again at that point. So in every case, I went raw dog for round two and busted inside of her – again.

In all three of these cases, I was able to keep the girls around for a while. There are many studies that show that semen has lots of good nutrients in it, and even some bonding elements that will attach her to you. So while I’m not advocating you start busting in girls left and right…I’m pretty sure there is something to this by now – three for three is a pretty good statistic.

…use that one with caution.


how to make a good girl your personal sex slave 2

It’s hard to describe until you’ve seen it, but once you see it you’ll know.

There reaches a certain point in a sexual relationship where a woman becomes comfortable with you. When a good girl submits completely and lets you turn her into your personal sex slave.

You’ll know when this is.

And when it does happen, reward her.

When she has her first ever squirting orgasm, that she had been holding back for months because she was “scared”–PRAISE HER.

You can say things such as:

“Good girl.”

“That was so sexy.”

“God, you looked beautiful when you did that. I loved it.”

You get what I mean here. You can beta it up a bit. She will need to be assured that you find her losing control sexy and not gross (especially if she soaked the sheets).

This is just a primer on how to make a good girl your personal sex slave. Finding, converting, and experiencing these kind of things with good girls is one of the best things you can do for your Game.

Good luck,

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