How to Become a Conversational Superstar with Women in 5 Easy Steps - This Is Trouble

How to Become a Conversational Superstar with Women in 5 Easy Steps

I remember sitting on dates with girls and having nothing to say. It’s painful, awkward, and horrible for your ego.

Nothing is worse than sitting on a date with a cute girl and even though you know the train is about to crash, you can’t do anything about it. Words fail you. You stutter. Your mind is going a thousand miles a minute thinking.

And yet, no words come.

No perfect cocktail of words that will charm her panties off come to your lips.

Instead, you’re just left sitting there with your dick in hand, hoping she throws you a bone.

If you’ve been in a situation like I’ve just described, I can relate. I lost more potential notches in my early years because of this than I’d care to admit. I was forced to dig deep and find a solution.

The good news is that it’s a relatively “easy” fix in the grand scheme of things.

You can implement some of these tactics and improve your date game right now.

With that being said, here are actionable tips to become a conversational superstar with women.



Conversing with women in a way that makes them wet is an art. However, most art is slow by nature. You can take your time.

Conversation on a date is not the same way. You must be sharp, quick-witted, and quick to respond.

To help your brain become sharp, you can play brain teasers, riddles, and puzzles. This will help your brain to become more adapt at thinking quickly and reacting.

Don’t make it an obsession and a reason to put off doing more important things, but a half hour a day will keep your brain on it’s toes and develop you into a quick thinker.


how to become a conversational superstar tip 2

By their biological nature, women want to date a man who is smarter than them. Just realizing this alone can help you steer the conversation in directions that YOU thrive in.

Don’t play her element and talk about gossip, politics, and careers. That’s a trap.

Those are her strengths. That’s where the conversation is going to fizzle out because you’re playing on her home turf. Instead, steer her onto your home field where you are the superstar.

Where she can’t help but be enchanted by you.

All she wants is for you to be smarter. So set yourself up for success.

Enthrall her with your adventures, stories, and passions. Don’t cross the line into becoming too much of a narcissist who never shuts up about himself–but far better to do that than to be a beta bitch boy.


This is almost like a cheat code.

At any point on a date you can start this game, and you can ask any question in the world. What better way to make conversation and steer the topics in the direction you want?

I’ve written extensively about the questions game here, so take a look at that for a more detailed guide.

The questions game is truly one of the best things you can do to take your date game to the next level. I’ve preached many times that there are not always INSTANT fixes when it comes to game, but this is truly one of them.

It will take the level of your date game to higher levels instantly.

The best part is, you can literally use it on a date tonight.


become a conversational superstar tip 4

To truly enamor women, you must speak in vivid tones and colors.

Describe things with insane amounts of detail. Let her imagination run wild. Women do not communicate the same as men–this is obvious by now.

So communicate in her language. Give her a journey by telling her a story. Doing so will turn her on in ways you will never believe.

For example, I coached a student who worked as a technician on a ship. He would be gone for a month or so at a time. Rather than a story about how he goes and sits in front of a computer on a ship, I gave him a script to tell women.

Notice the vivid details and how it allows her imagination to run free.

Every time I step on to that boat, it’s like a new adventure awaits me. I don’t know what will happen. Sometimes, I’m absolutely terrified of what could happen. Have you ever had an experience where you felt your stomach drop, and felt like your life might be ripped from you?

That’s how I feel when the waves crash at night and I’m awoken from my sleep. When they’re ten meters high and pouring over the sides of the boat, I feel fear. But…I also feel more alive than I’ve ever felt in my life.

The adrenaline kicks in, I prepare myself, and I face death head on. That burning and fire in my body at that point is unlike anything else. In many ways, I feel like an adrenaline junkie. But now, feeling that fresh air and the smell of the sea…it just makes me feel alive.

Do you have any experiences like that?

Notice what it does?

It shows he’s human. That he can have fear. That is relatable, because women are generally more fearful than men. It paints a vivid, colorful picture of his environment out at sea. It talks of him conquering the fear, which is manly. She gets an adrenaline rush. And there’s some nature thrown in at the end too that may bring up memories for her.

It’s a very powerful story.

It has repeatedly been told now, and according to him, almost always ends with girls having a doggy-bowl dinner look. They’re enamored with him at that point.

You can read about my coaching here.

You too can implement this–simply take your best stories and add a bunch of crazy adjectives. It’s that simple. Example:

Instead of “I enjoy mountain biking”, say…

“I enjoy mountain biking because of the rush it gives me. You know that feeling when your stomach drops on a roller coaster? Mountain biking is hour after hour of drops, dips, and feeling alive. The fresh air of the trail brings back memories of camping with my dad, and the dangerous nature of it makes me feel like I’m truly living life.”

See the difference?

It’s huge!


Women like men who are not pussies.

However, it’s easy to get caught in a trap. If you only have one girl in your pipeline, and you’re on a date with her, it’s natural to become a bit…cautious.

Cautious doesn’t end up with you and her tangled in the sheets having mind-blowing sex.

A dangerous and risk-taking attitude does.

For you to truly be able to say what is on your mind, you need to develop an abundance mindset with women. The risks then don’t seem as big. You can push the conversations farther, because if she walks–great, another will walk in.

Once you have this mindset down, the conversations become more fun, and simply more sexy.

You become a superstar.

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