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Upcoming Travel Plans and Coaching Opportunities

I’ve had a few inquiries in the last couple of weeks about opportunities to be coached in foreign cities by yours truly.

And the cool part is that it can potentially work hand-in-hand with travels, but requires coordination by both parties. With that being said, I’ve realized I need to post future travel plans publicly.

If a city looks appealing to you and you’d like to improve your game (and other facets of life), get in touch.

July 14th-19th: Kiev, Ukraine (will be very busy with my birthday and seeing my girl, but may be able to free up one night or day)

July 19th-21st: Warsaw, Poland

July 22-23rd: Krakow, Poland

July 24th-August 8th: Floating around Venice, Prague, and Paris (With family, but email me and we can work something out)

August 8th-17th: Vilnius, Lithuania (Partially booked with a student already)

August 17th-28th: Tbilisi, Georgia (With girl from Kiev, and pretty busy. Again, can free up a night or two. I suspect Georgia isn’t on most people’s desired places to visit–but hey, you never know!)

AFTER: OPEN. Happy to fly somewhere and meet if you are interested in coaching.

And of course, I’m always down to grab a beer (or 3) if you just want to meet and shoot the shit.


When I coach, I’m basically yours. I will push you and help you conquer any approach anxiety.

I’ll be your wingman when necessary. I will jump on, but not fuck, any grenade that stands in your way.

I will approach and demonstrate if it helps YOU. I’m certainly not trying to get myself laid.

I keep my drinking minimal when coaching. I’m all yours to help in any way possible.


In a case of a city that I’m just passing through and haven’t spent considerable time in, I don’t expect you to pay my full rate as I’m not an expert in that case.

This can be a great opportunity if you happen to be a local in a city that I’m passing through.

Send me an email at thisistroubleblog@gmail.com and we’ll work something out.

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