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Damnit Girls, Stop Stalking Me


Another damn girl found my blog.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was written back in May when there was a risk of her reading this and spilling the beans to my girl. Now, I’ll never see again — so all’s fair.

But guess what, this one wasn’t my girl.

In one month, TWO girls that my ROOMMATE has gone out with have successfully found my blog – disturbing trend to say the least. One of them was because he’s on the coaching testimonial page, and another through Instagram or some shit (he gave her his, she saw me on his following list, she clicked…BAM. My Instagram is strictly blog/brand/business related, don’t have a personal one).

And of course, there’s a link to my site in my Instagram bio.

But it seems girls don’t have better things to do with their time.

What’s the lesson in this? Even if you do your due diligence to protect yourself from girls finding your social media, shit still happens.


I’m angry because this girl has met my girl, whom I happen to really like. And despite her protests that it’s not her business and won’t tell my girl, I don’t believe her, at all.


Bro code, girl code. Both exist.

On top of that, they speak a language I can’t understand, so I’d never really know the truth about whether she’d keep it private or not.

I’d be none the wiser, and would think they were asking each other about their days, and in reality the conversation would be:

“Hey, I found your boyfriend’s blog, he said it took 18 hours to have sex with you the first time. Oh, he’s also a dating coach and a total whore. By the way, just Google ‘This Is Trouble’.

And the next day I’d be dealing with a torment of tears…

Now I’m faced with the situation that I can never let these two girls come face to face again.


Because I have no doubt it would absolutely devastate my girl – she’s young, innocent, and a bit (okay, a lot) naive of the world. She laid on my shoulder tonight and said she had a tough day, and all I wanted to do was hold her tight and keep her safe. Not expose her to my own demons.

I really hate wasting brain power, time, and energy on stupid shit like this.

Unnecessary waste.

I recognize I’m somewhat of a public figure, and have come to terms with the consequences. I never want to hurt anyone, especially a girl I’m dating and genuinely care for. I expect girls that *I* date to hunt me down to the end of the Earth, and so I take precautions to make sure that they can’t find this.

And if they do find it, it’s at a point in the relationship where they can probably handle it with some reassurances from me (example).

It seems I just expect too much of other people.

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