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All Girl Problems Can Be Solved With This One Solution…

Girl Problems

Fellow blogger Borja of The Single Rebel dropped some gold on my recent post about what to do when a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you.

Borja knows his shit, as evidenced by his crazy-good guest post about Lithuanian girls.

His comment:

Just last Sunday I had this happen to me – with no other than an ex harem member who I was planning on welcoming back after she spent a year working abroad.

I showed her my new flat and I naturally grabbed her nice ass and pulled her towards me. She didn’t react negatively but was stiff and told me she couldn’t just act like a year hadn’t gone by: that I’d been meeting many girls and she was confused about a guy she’d met abroad etc.

Of course, I stopped escalating and finished my coffee in the living room with her while I sent a couple whatsapp texts.

A few minutes later she dropped the question (seems inevitable doesn’t it?):

– I hope you’re not mad? You must understand.

– Of course not! (big grin on my face which threw her off)

– Oh, why not?

– I understand and it’s your decision so I’m not mad. Also, there’s a girl coming in 20 minutes so we should get going I’ll walk you to the metro.

– (Stunned) Oh…I thought we were going to spend some more time together.

– Sure, but I happen to be really horny today and you’re not on board – so when you stop being confused you let me know yeh? (wink).

Just like that, I walked her to the metro and waited for my other girl to arrive. Then fucked her brains out.

So the answer to ‘What to do when a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you?’

Have more options.


Simply masterful.

Having a harem is simply the best way to run your life. 

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