In episode 34 of Troublesome Radio, I discuss whether you want to REALLY marry a virgin…

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  • Timo Fischer says:

    I get what you mean and I think that’s a huge problem that comes with improving one’s self continuously. I don’t have as much experience with eastern women as you but I know that they are smarter than the western ones.

    However, they’ll probably never reach the level that you are on intellectually or don’t even come close to it which can suck big time, and as you said playing the teacher could get very tiresome over the years.

    I actually had those experiences where I talked with women and it started out on an somewhat equal level (intellectually and they were older than me like 5-6 years) but at some point you realize that they can’t keep up with you anymore and it goes down pretty fast from that point on.

    As they say it’s lonely at the top and that is true. You have few men that can keep up with you and even fewer women.

    • I don’t ever expect a girl to be as smart as me in the ways that I’ve strived to be my best in. I’ll never expect her to write as well, be as smart technically, or really – as smart overall (cue screaming feminists).

      Thanks for the kind words, and I agree — not to toot my own horn.

      My only hope is that I can find a woman who realizes she doesn’t have to.

  • Wooi Kuun Tan says:

    You really need her to be able to be near you intellectually?
    I personally think if she is emotionally bonded to you, Cooks, clean and take care of the kids and fucks on demand She is good enough. Dont expect too much from women

    • It’s hard for me to remember exactly what I said because I recorded this over a week ago.

      And I agree, those traits are all more important than intellectual stimulation. However, it’s nice to have someone who can keep up with you intellectually and whom you can have some conversation with, ya know?

      • Wooi Kuun Tan says:

        That’s what Guy friends are for. though i wish the world is perfect, I do understand in reality a perfect women is too much to ask for in today’s age.

      • I agree, male bonding time is absolutely essential to a man’s health and sanity. And some of my friends will disagree, but…

        I think sometimes it’s nice to have a girl who is willing to go watch a game and drink a beer with you.

        But can still get dressed up in a dress and killer heels.

        Ideally, that type of girl would come watch the game simply because she wants to spend time with you, and less so because she’s so enamored with a masculine game.

        But you’re right.

        Nothing’s perfect.

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