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“I’ve Seen How They Look At Him”

Last November, I took a trip to the shithole that is Barrnaquilla, Colombia. While there, I made a great new friend in a fellow blogger named Masculine Profiles.

It was that trip that truly inspired me to take the leap and leave my corporate job. It was truly the final nail in the coffin.

And a decent part of that was because of this girl.

Less than a few weeks later I made the final decision to pack my bags.

“I’ve seen how they look at him.”

Masculine Profiles reviewed The Harem Handbook, and here are a few things he had to say about it:

While there are numerous dating products on the market, I can vouch for The Harem Handbook. First, I’ve met Kyle. I’ve seen him spit game in person. I met the girls he’s banging. I’ve seen how they look at him. Hell, I’ve even heard the dude making some young lady scream in his room.

I tell you this because Kyle lives what he preaches in this program. The advice really works, and women will become addicted to you. Not only does the information work, but this program is incredibly well put together. You’re not buying an eBook. You’re purchasing a full course filled with all the information you could ever need about creating a harem and keeping all your women happy.

It works!

We took a quick nap while snuggled up and then went back for round two. With an ass like that – it wasn’t difficult to be continually ready for second or thirds. After our second round, we showered and she cook me some fish and rice. I checked email before eating. She cleaned the dishes after dinner. Then she kissed me, and I walked her out.

Smiles all around. I looked down at my phone. It was 8 PM. My other girl was expecting me at 9 PM. She, too, had a burning desire to cook for me. I changed and chilled with my roommate before hailing a taxi to her place.

A similar scene unfolded. Relaxing on her balcony followed a stunning meal with chicken, rice, vegetables, and a solid $4 bottle of red wine. Dancing was up next, as she helped me with my bachata game. Her hips pressed against mine and eventually, a little movement was definitely going on down there. I’m sure you can imagine what happened the rest of the evening…

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