What to Do When a Girl Doesn't Want to Have Sex with You - This Is Trouble

What to Do When a Girl Doesn’t Want to Have Sex with You

A friend recently asked me what to do when a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you. To paraphrase his question, he said:

“What do you do when a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you? Inevitably they all end up saying to me, “Are you mad that we aren’t having sex? Etc. How do you handle it in a way that doesn’t make you seem butthurt or upset?”

It’s an excellent question, because for one reason or another girls all do the same thing.


You, as the man, escalate.

Girl shuts you down at some point where she wants to stop. Usually, she makes some reference about how she needs to go because of work, school, or other hamsterific reasons as to why you must stop.

You’ll notice she will keep saying these excuses yet make no inclination to actually…leave.

You back off, then continue to escalate.

She lets you go further than shuts you down again.

This cycle rinses and repeats anywhere from two to a dozen times.

Inevitably, you get tired of trying and reach a point you just want to sleep. And now you actually want her gone. Who can blame you?

You’re tired with balls the color of the sky.

So you tell her you will call her a cab, or walk her to her car, bus, or metro station.

And inevitably, the girl then says something like, “Are you mad that you’re not getting laid tonight?”

Of course, there is absolutely zero logic to this question. Despite her protests and reasoning that she must go soon, and your attempts to seduce her then reduced to zero, she must ask this. Despite the fact that she has logically said she has to go for the last 20 minutes, or three hours, she still will drop this line.

Is it stupid?



When a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you and drops lines like the above, it’s a shit test.

She must know that you are a man who doesn’t get upset or butthurt if she doesn’t put out.

And this actually makes sense. You see, a man who gets laid often isn’t going to fret about not getting laid with her tonight. Women want the man who gets laid with a lot of other women.

A man who never gets laid is far more likely to get butthurt about her turning him down for a good romp, and then to respond with angry or bitterness when she turns him down.

Therefore, that question is simply a screening mechanism. She’s basically asking, “So are you a cool guy who gets laid with tile and truly isn’t upset, or are you a fake who is going to be butthurt because he hasn’t had sex since 2014?”

With that being said, your response and actions to when a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you should be pretty clear and simple.

Go forth and conquer.

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