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Well, at Least a Nightclub of Pretty, Straight Girls Didn’t Get Shot Up

Not going to lie, the title of this post was the first thought that entered my head when I heard of the Orlando shootings over the weekend.

And while of course my condolences go out to the families of the victims, I can’t help but think — how did nobody see this coming?

I’ve been saying it for months, but there are quite a few things that are easily spelled out that makes this attack in Orlando…well, not a surprise. At all.

At the same time, the more time I spend abroad the more time I realize that the nuclear family culture in America is simply being destroyed.

Shootings like this, and the reactions continue to prove this point.

Let’s talk truth.


Simply read parts of the Quran and it’s right in front of your eyes. 

By this I mean a blatant “let’s kill homos” message.

Quran (7:80-84) “…For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone).”

I suppose guns are a quicker and less painful death than stones. Perhaps the Orlando killer showed mercy, after all.

Quran (26:165-166)“Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing”

These are just a few of the references to homosexuals in the Quran. And no, they don’t get better.

The most interesting to me is the note from 165-166 – “Nay, ye are a people transgressing.

Transgressing, as in literally crossing a boundary. The Quran is simply saying that people, and therefore society as whole, are going too far by promoting homosexuality.

Simply put, killing homosexuals is a way to prevent society from collapsing. A best practice, so to speak.




The vast majority of the LGBT/homosexual community (the same community that got slaughtered at a gay nightclub) is very “pro Islam”.

Case in point, this post from a “gender visionary” that has gone viral on Facebook:

The sheer stupidity in this post astounds me, even after reading it five times.

The guy is obviously a low-testosterone “man” with no sense of fight to his name, but does this remove all logic from the case.


Do the math.

Islam, the religion of ISIS, hates homosexuals.

ISIS is easily infiltrating our borders and homeland.

A shooter who pledges his allegiance to ISIS walks into a gay nightclub and does his best Call of Duty impression.

And you want to say there’s no problem?

That there is no justification for being fearful?

Sure, throwing everybody under a certain umbrella for their skin color or racial views is not “fair” so to speak — but tough news, cupcake — LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

As you move up the chain, the same political activists on the left, that have pushed the LGBT agenda so strongly for the past decade, are the same activists now pushing to not be phobic over Islam after a brutally violent attack.


It’s really, really simple math.

LGBT supports Islam.

Islam does not support LGBT.

Islam kills LGBT.

LGBT supports Islam.

I’m sorry, but this is just simple Darwinism at it’s finest. Too much stupidity to accept the truth.

What’s the solution?

Tighten the borders.

Make it much, much more difficult for immigrants to come to our country.

A friend of mine has a girlfriend from Eastern Europe. He would like for her to visit him in the States. He’s a well-off, respected man in a very good profession. The amount of paperwork, money, and travel (so she can get passport stamps and show proof of travel, giving her the best shot at a visa) he is having to do so she can have a two week visit is absurd.

Meanwhile, our President is shipping refugees (some of which are undoubtedly terrorists in disguise) in by the boatful.

Do you think they have any real documents? Any real proof that they are not coming into our country to shoot up nightclubs, schools, or to blow up buildings?


In the United States, the LGBT community will always be victims.

And heroes.

All while ignoring the realization that they contribute nothing to a society from a nuclear family, evolutionary standpoint. Nothing.

And yet they are still heroes and victims.

Far more victimized than the fathers who are raped in divorce.

Far more heroic than the soldiers who fight for our freedom to begin with (so the government can throw it away with boatfuls of refugees).

Far more heroic than the stay at home moms who sacrifice everything to raise healthy and productive children.

Contrast that to where I live now — Eastern Europe. Here, they often referring to them as “The gays”, or use a term like, “He is a gay.” 

While part of this is the language barrier, there’s no getting around it. There’s no sympathy for them. They practically refer to them as different objects. Gays here in Eastern Europe are not made to be martyrs.

Gay people do not biologically have children. From an evolutionary standpoint they are 100% failures. And yes, the same could be said for men who choose not to have children.

Adoption from a biological standpoint does not count. This does not make them heroes.

In a healthy society there are not a high number of children to adopt in the first place, so the opportunity wouldn’t is hardly even here in Eastern Europe.

Let the stupidity reign supreme. If people want to continue being ignorant, spouting LGBT support whilst vehemently ostracizing anyone who hints at a bit of Islamophobia — let them.

It’s becoming increasingly that that ignorance is going to get you killed.

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