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“It’s Even Better Than You Expect”

My friend and fellow blogger James of Red Pill Reviews wrote a glowing review of The Harem Handbook.

Here are a few quotes from it, much of which I fully agree with. He did a fantastic job of really articulating WHY I made The Harem Handbook, hence why I’m posting some snippets of it and adding some comments (below).

On a side note, James is going to be on my podcast NEXT WEEK. We’re going to discuss online business, website design, and a few other topics. So if you’ve got things you want to hear us talk about, drop them below and we’ll make sure to cover it.

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This course is unlike anything else I’ve seen. Kyle has built his course to make it easily understandable instead of creating more confusion for guys.

Confusion is one of the main reasons I think most dating advice sucks.

Instead of going on dates and having a good time, guys are thinking about what some “Dating guru” said about situation XYZ.

99% of PUA students would do better if they just went out and tried to get laid.

This is so true.

Dating products are designed to keep you absorbing instead of taking action. In reality, the key to success with women is to get the fuck out of your own head. The Harem Handbook aims to change that narrative.

Kyle has written detailed content for every module. He also went a step further by creating audio and video versions of the modules.

Generally, I prefer reading because it’s quicker and easier to retain information.

However, I’ve listened to most of The Harem Handbook.


  1. Efficiency: You can listen to a podcast while traveling or doing cardio.
  2. More In-Depth: There is usually more information (stories, examples, etc.) included in audio and video files.
  3. Personality/Tonality: You can get a feel for Kyle’s personality. Watch videos of him or listen to his voice and any doubts about him will disappear. If you’ve got decent social skills, you can tell he’s a cool guy who knows how the game is played.

I’m glad James mentioned this, because it brings up another goal of The Harem Handbook.

That goal?

I wanted the Handbook to be the closest thing possible to having me as your personal dating coach, or having a Skype consultation where I help you out.

And I wanted that advice and help to be accessible at anytime, anywhere, for any reason. I want you to be able to say, “Yeah, I think that’s the best thing to do based off of what I learned,” versus having to write me an email and ask for advice. Act before asking, based off experience.

Kyle lays out his time-tested date models in this course.

I have to tell you…

I’ve never seen anything like this.

He breaks down exactly what you should do on your dates. You can tell by the amount of details he includes that he isn’t pulling these models out of his ass.


He has obviously used these exact steps and seen them work consistently with girls he dates.

I think Kyle is a bit of a numbers guy. I’m just guessing here, but I’m pretty sure he has split test multiple types of dates against each other.

Yep 😉

3 years of data and counting. At least the nerd in me is somewhat useful in getting laid.

I’ll let James take it home:

Kyle, congratulations on creating such a valuable course. And thank you for putting all your effort into this.

The Harem Handbook is truly something special.

I don’t say that lightly because my reputation is on the line every time I recommend a product.

If I recommend something and you don’t like it, I lose your trust.

But in this case, I know that won’t happen.

I’ve hyped this course up a lot at this point. Normally, I’d be worried that your expectations are too high and you’ll be disappointed.

But honestly, this review doesn’t even do the Harem Handbook justice.

It’s even better than you expect.

Much appreciated!

Go here to read James’ full post.

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