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Thank You Immensely

The initial launch phase of The Harem Handbook has concluded.

The price is now $127 and will be so until Friday (tomorrow) at 11:59pm PST, when it will settle at it’s final price of $147.

Don’t miss out.

I did want to take a minute to thank all of the bloggers who looked the course over and gave me feedback, and especially those who wrote reviews:

Christian McQueenhhlaunch

The City Bachelor

James of Red Pill Reviews

Masculine Profiles

Way of the Olympian

Also, thanks to the other bloggers who are in the process of reviewing it, but provided me feedback. I can’t wait to see everyone’s final reviews!

And finally, thank you to my readers who have supported me for the last three years and made this whole thing possible. It wouldn’t be without you.



P.S.: Don’t forget.


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