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When She Disrespects Your Time, Walk Away. Always.

Not too long ago, I had a date planned with a girl – but a bit different than usual.

She wanted to meet at 10am for a coffee before class, or something.

Since I set my own schedule, I agreed to it. Especially in a place like Eastern Europe, where it usually takes 3 (or more) dates to get a girl into bed. In these cases, it’s not a big deal for me to put some face time in during the day.

I agreed to it.


However, at 9:21am she texted me telling me that she couldn’t make it and was sorry. Naturally, I asked why.

“Because I just woke up!”

I mean, at least she apologized. But that’s a piss-poor excuse. If you make an appointment to meet someone, you keep it unless something urgent comes up. Not waking up in time is not an excuse. However, every player learns that girl’s don’t necessarily follow the same code of ethics.

I wasn’t upset.

I just kept working on what I was doing.

Then she asked if we could meet at 1:30pm instead. She seemed offering to make it up to me, so I agreed. Usually it puts them in a bit of a chasing position.


At 1:27pm, I closed my laptop, walked out my front door, and down to the park where we were supposed to meet. At 1:30pm, I sat on the bench and took out my phone. Nothing.

At 1:35pm, I looked at her text thread and saw that she hadn’t been online for an hour. She hadn’t read my latest text (which was confirming the new time).

At 1:40pm, I left.

In most cases, I would have attempted to call or text and ask how long she was going to be, but I don’t do it in the case of a reschedule like this.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

At 1:55pm, she texted me that she had arrived and where I was. I responded by telling her I’d already left. When she pressed as to why I simply told her that she disrespected my time twice and wished her good luck.

I didn’t bother lecturing her on how she should be respectful of time. I didn’t waste my breathe getting angry.

I just walked away.

When you learn how to walk away, you develop an abundance mindset that just makes life so much easier.


I figure someone will be curious, so I’ll elaborate.

If it’s a first date with a girl, and she’s late, but KEEPING IN TOUCH, I’ll stick around. Probably up to half an hour. Sometimes traffic, or shitty public transportation, also gets in the way.

More than a half hour, and I’m walking.

If she hasn’t bothered to text or call and let me know that she’s late, I’d leave after about twenty minutes.

In this case, where she had already rescheduled once, and then STILL couldn’t be bothered to send me a simple text saying she was late, you can see that I walked away after ten minutes. Someone who is that disrespectful of common courtesy is not a girl I want to spend any time with.

And, you shouldn’t either.



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