Text Game Mastery - This Is Trouble

Text Game Mastery

Remember that text game mastery used to mean you couldn’t text a girl for three days.

If you got the phone number of a cutie, you had to wait at least a couple of days before you could message her. To do otherwise showed desperation. That you had no other options. That she was too much of a priority in your life.

Some guys used to preach that even if you met a girl on online dating, you should wait a day or more to message her. That’s absurd.

The times have changed drastically, and I’m here to tell you that if you play these silly three day rule games, you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunities with women.

You see, the three day rule was originally conceived before technology advanced to the level it is today. Fellow blogger Christian McQueen recently said, “It’s ironic that social media has made this generation the most retarded yet.”

He couldn’t be more right.

Along with the degeneration of society because of social media, attention spans have dropped.


This means you must constantly stay on a girl’s radar if you want to get her out, make a connection, and ultimately, seal the deal. At the same time, girls have made it an uphill battle to make this connection – because phone calls are now a thing of the past. These days, the only way to get a girl out is to do so over text. On the flip side, it’s obviously a low time investment for us. At the same time, it’s also made it possible for any random Joe to start messaging and hitting up lots of girls, even if he hasn’t gone through the trials and turbulences of making hundreds or thousands of approaches and dealing with constant rejection.

Text game mastery is key in today’s modern world of dating.



As already mentioned, you couldn’t text a girl quicker than three days after you met her.


Basically, your messages should always be less than what she’s giving you. Except that it’s hard to be expressing and to elicit positive emotions from her if you can only write five words per text. It’s impossible.

Sure, at times a girl might think that you’re trying too hard, but if you elicit the proper, positive emotions from her via your texts – then guess what – she won’t care. She won’t be thinking about it, but will instead be thinking about the roller coaster of emotions you are pulling her along.

Remember, women live for emotions. They are creatures who live in the moment, so her decision on whether to go out with you, text you back, or sleep with you will literally depend on how she feels during that moment in time.


Good rule of thumb: if your text game sucks, text less than her. If your text game rocks, you can text as much as you want and it won’t matter.

Rule of thumb #2: if your text game sucks, get better at it.


Keep reading.


I’ve posted texts here before, so you guys know my style – I’m all about the emojis.

Really think about it.

For example, iPhones are designed for women. Plain and simple.

They’re stylish, luxurious, and quirky. Platforms like Android and Windows are far more logic-based, which is why more men tend to gravitate towards them. And guess who brought the emoji to a huge craze in today’s smartphone market?


A company that truly designs for women.

Emojis elicit EMOTION.

That’s why they’re called EMO-JIS.

Who are the emotional creatures on the planet?


So use them. They are a fucking gift from the technology companies that have otherwise made modern dating very difficult (well, not for all of us). This doesn’t mean you use them like a clown trying to entertain.

Use them strategically.

Read these then tell me that emojis are gay or don’t work for text game.

(I’m on the right)

text game masterytext game mastery

Yes, these are girls from Eastern Europe, so it’s a little different. But this style can work on American girls too. As always, the key is to do what you want and to always hold frame.


Really think about this.

Do high value man sit around wondering what to text girls? Do they strategically wait 1.73 hours to text a girl back because the girl took .82 hours to respond to his last text?

text game


Become a high value man who doesn’t overthink this kind of stuff. And yes, it takes practice and some quick wit. Remember though, the high value men set the rules of society. They don’t conform to the “rules” of how to talk to girls. They push the boundaries, use creativity, and generally don’t give a damn.

If you’re worried that a smiley will make a girl never talk to you again:

1.) You don’t have enough options with girls. Get more leads.

2.) You need to work on being outcome independent. This means becoming high value. Harsh reality check.


As always, I’m going to respond to every comment on this blog.

So…write your texts out in the comments below. Doesn’t matter if they’re current or past interactions. Write them out, post them as screenshots, I don’t care.

I will analyze every one of the comments and provide advice.

Let’s all learn from each other.

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