Why the Power of Choice with Women is God Damn Important - This Is Trouble

Freedom and choice.

Something that all men are told they have from birth. Especially if you were born in America. But the reality of the world is different.

Just like it always is.

It’s funny how things change over time. People seem to forget that from an evolutionary standpoint, humans have been around for thousands of years. This means they’ve also done things the same way for that period of time. As a result, habits and cultural norms have been embedded into who we are as a species.

The most hilarious point is that people think you can undo thousands of years of biological programming with just a few years of societal pressure and shaming.

The perfect example is obesity. For thousands of years, people have always preferred lean physiques. The majority of people were lean and muscular; they didn’t have all of the pre-processed food, cubicle jobs, etc.

The obesity trend is a relatively new trend from a human evolution perspective, but after just a few decades of people becoming fatter, we’re now being told that we should find all body types sexy. That over 25 years, we should reverse all of the trends that our ancestors have built and held to, all in the name of society.

Feminism is another example. For thousands of years, women have been nurturing children. Now they are working in careers; many of whom hate it.

Again, it’s not a light switch. It takes time to adjust. Now, it’s very likely that in a thousand years, humans as a whole will have adjusted. Feminism will be a more hard-coded way of life. Obese people will be so normal it will be accepted.

Thank the heavens it won’t be my generation.

Which leads me to my main point:power of choice with women 2

Not long ago, men had their choice of women. It used to be that fathers “sold” their daughters off; not in a slave sense, but a man would offer up some resources (livestock, property) in exchange for the farmer’s daughter in marriage.

If the farmer thought the suitor was suitable (no pun intended), then he’d make the “deal”.

The underlying message was that women shouldn’t be trusted to make a huge decision like marriage, and that men should have the choice of women they are attracted to. Otherwise they wouldn’t trade their cows for the girl.

Now, women are trusted to make that decision (results = crazy high divorce rate), and men no longer have the element of choice.

Instead, men are settling.

Forced to pick up the scraps of an alpha male’s discarded women. Left to settle for sloppy seconds. There is no choice. In fact, men’s only choice in modern society (for the average man) is to take whoever settles with you and hope for the best.

If you’re happy with a life without freedom and choice, by all means. Take that path.

But if you want something more with women, then you have to flip the script.

You must be the chooser, not the chosen.

Otherwise, instead of trading the cow –  you’ll be stuck with one.

No man wants a cow.

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