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Welcome, Gentlemen – to The Harem Handbook

It’s finally here.

30 modules/sections.

Some of my best game strategies, tactics, and secrets – all of which I’ve designed into a sleek, actionable system to help you live a life most men can barely dream of, let alone execute.

And it’s half off for just 48 hours.

I could go on and on about how this course is THE guide to successfully building a harem, because it’s excellent, but more importantly, I’d like to express my belief in Kyle as a true player and playboy. He not only teaches you groundbreaking techniques that will transform your life from perhaps some sex here and there, to having a harem ala Hugh Hefner style, but having spent multiple nights in some of the top nightclubs in the world in Los Angeles with him meeting and pulling girls, Kyle executes in real life just the same and 100% walks the talk.

There’s plenty of game ‘gurus’ who write and teach well, but when it comes to putting it into action in the real world they fall flat. Kyle isn’t one of them. There is no other program out there like this and I can safely say you’ll transform your dating and sex life following what he teaches step-by-step in The Harem Handbook.

Christian McQueen



BONUS video of how to approach any girl in a matter of minutes, a guide to using Tinder on the road, and more…

MODULE 1: Define a Harem

  • You will learn everything you need to know about the different tiers of girls contained within a harem, how to transition them from one to another, and see my personal examples
  • UNIT 1: Tier 3 girls (friends with benefits and casual sex)
  • UNIT 2: Tier 2 girls (casual dating)
  • UNIT 3: Tier 1 girls (girlfriends and long term relationships)

MODULE 2: Finding The Girls

  • You will learn how to screen for the proper type of girl for your harem
  • UNIT 1: Nightgame, and why girls from this scene can be great harem members
  • UNIT 2: Daygame, and why this may or may not be time efficient in the grand scheme of things
  • UNIT 3: Online game, and how to make it a passive system that works for you

MODULE 3: The Balancing Act

  • You will learn how to avoid player burnout and set up a system that works for YOU
  • UNIT 3: Passive Girls and Passive Income
  • UNIT 2: Becoming an Efficient Player
  • UNIT 1: The MOST important harem rules: the rules of 3

MODULE 4: Running The Harem

  • You will learn how to keep girls around, how to fuck them properly, and most important of all – how to bang as many girls as you want but still keep the girls you have obsessing over you.
  • UNIT 1: The 1 vs 2 date model, having sex with more girls in a more efficient manner
  • UNIT 2How to dominate a woman and own her soul
  • UNIT 3: How to be discrete, yet be present with your girls
  • UNIT 4: A dangerous trick on how to truly keep girls around

MODULE 5: Now She Wants You

  • Heard the phrase, “DTR”, or “Define The Relationship?” It’s the talk every player dreads. In this module, you will learn how to handle this and keep her around.
  • UNIT 1: How to prepare for the “DTR” talk, and how to have it
  • UNIT 2: Okay, you like her—now what? Learn how to screen a girl the RIGHT way
  • UNIT 3: Ultimately, it’s up to your choice—it’s your life and happiness—now YOU have the tools

MODULE 6: The Endgame

  • Now that you’ve made it, what’s next?
The Harem Handbook covers all the bases of getting your lifestyle to a point where you consistently meet girls and teaches you the tools needed to let YOU be the one calling the shots. Kyle gives detailed instructions on how to attract a harem of quality women, structure it, manage it, and ultimately get it to work the way you want with a relatively low-maintenance approach. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or a seasoned Game veteran, you’ll surely find lots of new tips and techniques here, as well as a solid mindset to approach the harem lifestyle. At the end of the course, I found myself excited about this lifestyle and ready to put to use what I learned.
Brock Robinson
The Harem Handbook is more than HOW to get a lot of girls. It is for the guys who want one night stands, a Harem, or long-term relationship. Buy this course and learn how to DOMINATE in your everyday life.
Dylan M.
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