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How to Screen for Girls Who Are OKAY With You Dating…OTHER Girls

Thanks for reading and chiming in on the post about choice. Today I’ve got an in-depth guide to how to run a harem in the modern world. Let’s get started.

There’s a movie called The Other Boleyn Sister.

In this movie, the story of King Henry of England is told; namely how he left his original wife behind to keep a harem of “mistresses”. At the time though, it was hardly considered a discretion or “evil” thing to do. In fact, when Henry wanted a new mistress he would wander out to the villages of England, and all of the common folk would bring their daughters out in their best dresses to parade around in front of him.

Henry’s entire seduction model was to point and grunt at the girl he wanted. A true caveman in action.

However, Henry’s Harem was a well-known thing throughout the English kingdom – and really, it was very common for any and all high status males to keep a variety of lovers at their beck and call. Some lived with them in separate quarters than their actual wives, some were just the occasional booty call – and of course, the Queen of England was well aware of all of them.

The “crazy” thing about this situation was that all of the women knew all about Henry’s harem, but they were all powerless to do anything about it. And truthfully, most of them didn’t really seem to care too much they were apart of it.

These days, a harem like Henry’s is so taboo. Things have to be “off the table” so to speak; girls are willing to be in a harem but at a cost – you have to be discrete. Failure to do so results in you losing the girl, in many cases.

So the question is…

WHEN DID SOCIETY LOSE IT’S GOD DAMN MIND?tumblr_o6uv7wwnSJ1r4if08o1_1280

Why shouldn’t a man be able to run a harem – to keep a group of lovers for his beck and call? In 2016, a man is shamed, called a player, and treated as a dirt ball for keeping a variety of girls around for his enjoyment.

The way these men are treated, you’d think they were Satan himself coming down and seducing these girls. But meanwhile, once the curtain is drawn and they are with their modern day “King”, these girls are all about it. Often times, they are suddenly okay with being in a harem.

It just can’t be rubbed in their faces.

Like I said, society has lost it’s mind.

So, I’m here to speak the truth in 2016.

You as a man can have a harem.

Girls are perfectly okay with being a part of your harem.

There is nothing shameful about it.

A girl calling you an asshole or a player directly translates to “my vagina is getting wet for you”.

Having a harem is a lot of fun.

Ready to learn how to do it?


As we’ve been over many times, you can literally meet women anywhere. Supermarket, strip club, online, airplanes – I don’t really care where you find them. I don’t judge. BUT, for girls in a harem you must screen them properly. Certain girls are going to be more receptive to it than others, so let’s break it down.

DAYGAME: This is so hit or miss because you literally know nothing about a girl when you approach her. Even though she’s wearing a good girl dress when you approach her, who knows what she was doing the night before. So while I won’t discourage you against day gaming, a harem girl is much more likely to be a girl who frequents nightclubs over church. I’m not saying the church girl isn’t a possibility for a harem member, but think logistically and realistically about this.

OVERALL DAYGAME EFFECTIVNESS: Average; generally you’re dealing with a 50/50 shot.

NIGHTGAME: One of the better places to find girls for your harem, provided you come from the proper frame. What do I mean by this?

You MUST not ever show jealousy. A crazy party girl will keep coming back to you for good sex, but you can’t be jealous if you suspect she’s still going out on dates and/or getting nailed by other guys. Just keep her solely in the “friends with benefits” tier of your harem instead of trying to turn a hoe into a housewife.

Basically, you need to be willing to walk away at any point.

OVERALL NIGHTGAME EFFECTIVENESS: High, provided you can deal with the long nights and have a high patience for the bullshit of night game (cock blocks, early last call, protective friends, etc.)

ONLINE GAME: Let’s put it this way: online game is as slutty as night game these days. There are very few girls who are truly “trying it for the first time”. Many of these girls are going out on so many dates with so many losers, they’ll be thrilled to meet a cool and suave player like you (I mean, you do read This Is Trouble, after all), and are therefore more likely to tolerate your non-monogamy.

OVERALL ONLINE GAME EFFECTIVENESS: High, provided you have a good system in place.

THE TYPE OF GIRL OKAY WITH BEING IN A HAREMtumblr_o633ow6IYe1r4if08o1_1280

I’m going to say this again because it must be said: the modern American man is a PUSSY. There has never been a better time in the world to be a high-value man (well, unless your name was King Henry, perhaps). That’s because if you’re in the upper echelon of men, it’s really easy to get. girls. And they’ll be so enamored with you, it’s easy to keep them around.

So as broad as it seems – almost ANY girl is eligible to be in your harem.

Good girls are more difficult and are going to want to be your girlfriend, but if you’re discrete about it and don’t tell her friends/family, she may be okay with you getting some on the side (you must set up this frame from the get-go).

Party girls are very likely to be okay with an ongoing and casual sexual relationship. An ideal situation allows them to get laid once or twice a week, maybe bullshit around with you a bit – but still have their weekends free to go out with their friends. Many of these girls like this situation because it takes care of their physical needs so they don’t rack up the notches with new guys every week.

Again though, you have to fuck her properly.

Then there are the NO girls. These are the girls who are so set on finding a committed relationship and marriage that they simply are not okay with any of the above situations. More than likely, these are girls that have PROBABLY already been around a bit in their life, so it’s best to just let them go than waste your time trying to convert them into becoming a harem member.


To start, you treat them normal. You approach them the same, you treat your dates with them the same as normal – nothing should change. The one thing that should be different is your MINDSET towards how you approach these situations.

Rather than going on dates with visions of wedding bells and Disneyland in your head, go into them with the idea that you are screening HER. That she must measure up to your standards, pass your tests, and be worthy of you.

This is an incredible change in your life.

Don’t miss out.



P.S: Make sure to check back tomorrow – I’ve got a special piece of content about why a two-date rule might just be the most effective way of how to build girls for YOUR harem.



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