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Get Your Free Self Improvement Ebook

In case you don’t have it yet, click here. Old post which has been formatted nicely and put into one nice PDF for your enjoyment. Tired of feeling kicked to the curb, stuck in a rut, or just feeling “meh” about your life? Download my free Ebook – The 4 Pillars of Self Improvement – […]

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How to Build a Business and Kick Ass as a Young Gun

TROUBLESOME RADIO 035 BUSINESS BUILDING & KICKING ASS  SPECIAL GUEST: RED PILL REVIEWS AVAILABLE ON ITUNES In episode 35 of Troublesome Radio, James from RedPillReviews.com joined me to talk about niche sites, web design, and a hell of a lot more. Follow James on Twitter here. We cover a lot of ground in this 45 minute […]

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Free Speech Isn’t Free by Roosh V

Far more action akin to a Jason Bourne movie than the title would suggest, Free Speech Isn’t Free by Roosh V is one of the most compelling books of the year in regards to our rights as men. And it’s far, far different than most of his work, but that’s not a bad thing at all. […]

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The Black Sea at Night

I’ve got a new post up at Bachelor Travels, showing off some shots of Odessa’s Black Sea in the evening hours. Click here to check it out. Follow me on Instagram. In case you missed it this week, I posted about… “I’ve Seen How They Look At Him” The Plight of Man Do You Even […]

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Do You Even Want to Marry a Virgin?

TROUBLESOME RADIO 034 DO YOU EVEN WANT TO MARRY A VIRGIN? AVAILABLE ON ITUNES In episode 34 of Troublesome Radio, I discuss whether you want to REALLY marry a virgin… Are you a man who is tired of not having options when it comes to dating? Tired of dating mediocre girls, or simply want to […]

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