And we’re back to Troublesome Radio. Episode 31. Hard lessons learned in foreign countries.


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  • ten zły says:

    Is it that bad with English over there? I better learn some Ukrainian till next year, lucky polish is also slavic language, although one is eastern slavic and other is western slavic, which is not that much similar, but sill I will not have as much trouble, as you do.

    • Learn Russian. Far far far more useful

      • ten zły says:

        That may be, but I strongly hate Russia, so learning their language is unimaginable for me. Only rational reason would be to learn language of your enemy, but war with Russia is not that much likely, as Russia is weak as fuck nowdays, basically only strong side of their military are some nuckes.

      • That’s ego talking…why spend the time to learn a language that really won’t do you any good? If you speak Russian you’ll also get a grasp of Ukrainian.

        There’s really only 4 languages worth learning, I’d say. English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin. Almost anything else can be learned quick off of a base of these. Why spend the time learning Ukrainian when it’s, frankly, probably on the way out anyway.

      • ten zły says:

        Yeah, that is pure ego, but there I would rather see it destroyed Russia in fire than learn Russian.

        And you are mistaken as for usefulness of Russian. You are forgetting that I am native polish speaker, I can understand most slavic languages without learning them somehow. By learning ukrainian I mean mostly alphabet and maybe few words to be able to understand them better.

        And there are a lot of ppl from Ukraine in Poland right now, sot it is somehow useful.

        And as for language, you are mistaken, you just dont know their history enough, those motherfucker have quite a fighting spirt and a lot of pride, otherwise you would be either speaking Russian or Polish in Ukraine, cos most of the time there was either Poland or Russia where you have current Ukraine. And there was a lot of blood needed to keep it that way.

      • People here in the Capitol speak more Russian than Ukrainian.

        Even Lviv which used to be anti Russian accepts and speaks it…

  • Brianmark says:

    So what happened to losing your bankcard? What are you doing for cash? How much are you spending a month to live in Ukraine? What did Poland cost? Where are you headed next?

    • Brian: Don’t take this the wrong way, but in the future please try to make a comment with some context, self-thought, or value before just bombarding with questions. To answer…

      – I’ll get a new bankcard in the next city. It wouldn’t have made it here in time. In the meantime I have other accounts I can use (I just get charged $5 every time I pull out cash, so I’m pulling out large amounts.
      – UKRAINE: $400 to share a city center apartment + ~$800 more on other stuff (greatly inflated by a trip to Chernobyl)
      – POLAND: $450 to share a city center apartment (it was a piece of shit) + ~$600 on other stuff (ate/drank out a LOT there)
      – Odessa

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